What is SEO?

Search engine optimization helps improve your education facility’s positioning on sites such as Google.


A lot goes into determining strategies to increase online positioning. A lot of time is dedicated to research. Keywords must be targeted and ranked. By doing this, strategists can see what the best phrases to target in search engines would be.


But, this is just the beginning of the coordination of multiple instruments in what makes a symphony of techniques.


Assessing Website Health

Analytics is one diagnostic tool used to identify how many people view your site. Analytics will tell you the average time viewers spend on your site it, and which pages are being accessed the most. Think of it as your site’s medical records, a key indicator of areas in which to improve.


You can use this information to your advantage to identify key areas of visitor interest. Then, creating landing pages tailored to deeply address common questions can smooth the path down the enrollment funnel.


To guide potential students along the way, we often employ design principles like call to action buttons. What may seem like a small tweak can have a large impact on visitor trajectory.


Another element that plays a role in search engine optimization is the Google search algorithm. The Google search algorithm assesses the relevance of websites to what Google users seek. It can identify whether a page has significant content value or contains spam, and will take this into consideration when ranking. There are an overwhelming number of factors contributing to how


Google stacks up the results. Even a small change in rank from first to second position, or second to third, is proven to change the likelihood of a click significantly.


Where to Find Help

The important thing is that your brand develops a strategic plan, complete with goals, KPI’s and best practices or tactics to get you to a bigger bottom line. In the case of higher education clients, the magic number is most often enrollment.


Currently, less than half of public four-year institutions have a strategic plan for their web presence, even though over two-thirds of students say they rely on web information in making a decision.


When looking for search engine optimization help, there are many options. Some colleges may choose to hire a team of in-house specialists. If you have the budget to hire an experienced SEO and support staff, this could be beneficial.
Another option is choosing an agency, like Sixth City Marketing. Agencies typically offer retainer packages as large or as small as you need. Retainer packages can also vary in length.


That being said, there are benefits to both. When working with an in-house company, you get the advantage of working with someone who knows your brand inside and out, and who you can be in close contact with.


If you work with an agency, you trust your institution’s strategy with people who have a variety of brand experiences. They may have had demonstrable success with similar clients in the past.


Additionally, you can be sure they are on top of all the latest industry developments, as SEO is their livelihood. Retainer responsibilities can be gradually increased as your budget, and your trust of the company, grows.


Inquiring About SEO

Deciding which type of optimization strategy to go with can be tricky. There is no right or wrong answer.


However, if you need help deciding which route would be best for you, reach out to Sixth City Marketing. We look forward to exploring how search engine optimization can benefit your enrollment campaign.