Did you know that 35-40% of people who perform searches on the Internet click on a pay per click ad versus regular search results? Companies with quality pay per click ads are more likely to receive business than those who do not.


Does your industry need to enhance their PPC appearance? Sixth City Marketing can help. Sixth City is a qualified company that has been in business for over three years, and is composed of a team that has worked with pay per click marketing ads for over five years.


Sixth City Marketing has experienced writers with backgrounds in journalism who can create remarkable ads that will enhance your industry’s presence on sites such as Google and Bing. Landing pages are built to optimize your site by sending customers to pages on your company’s website that are conducive to conversions, resulting in more business.


Marketing Done Right

Our pay per click marketing success is based off two metrics:

  • Increase in overall leads
  • Increase in cost per lead


Sixth City Marketing ensures that they create quality leads and make the most per spend. They do not burn clients by creating leads that are irrelevant.


Learn More About Sixth City’s Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Sixth City Marketing has offices in both Cleveland and Columbus. Their team has experience working with a variety of business industries, and has satisfied budgets from one thousand to fifteen thousand dollars.


Whether you are someone who has no experience with pay per click marketing or are looking for someone new to manage your ads, Sixth City Marketing can help. Contact us today to inquire how your company can benefit.