Sixth City Marketing Will Help Your Company Through SEO Consulting

Proper search engine optimization, or SEO, can help you boost traffic to your website. If done properly, this practice can also secure leads and increase business for your company.

Utilize Our Marketing Consulting Experience

Located in Cleveland and Columbus, our marketing consulting agency can help you find the most relevant keywords and streamline your website to optimize your online presence.

Our CEO, John Sammon, leads the Sixth City Marketing team of SEO gurus, which has more than 25 years of experience in optimizing websites for search engines.

Sixth City Marketing has had notable success in increasing traffic and leads to its clients’ websites, the results of which can be seen at our case studies page.

At our SEO consulting firm, we focus on delivering quality work while meeting our clients’ business goals through personalized, tailored campaigns.

What We Can Provide

Our team of marketing consulting experts is adept at crafting individual plans of attack that meet our partners’ needs and significantly boost their online presence through proven marketing strategies.

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Why Choose SEO?

We strive to help various types of companies grow their online presence and create conversions through our proven marketing strategies. To maintain a user-friendly and relevant website that can stay ahead of the competition, it takes a focused effort from a reliable team.

And as technology continues to rapidly evolve, it’s imperative for businesses to stay modern and efficient by utilizing online practices proven to draw customer traffic.

Some vital aspects of SEO to remember include:

  • Worthwhile behind-the-scenes code allows search engines to understand your website, creating a more engaging user experience
  • Use of the most recent best practices can help you to rank higher for relevant online searches, drawing more users to your site
  • Integrating design with the user in mind allows for a more streamlined page and site structure, while promotional strategies can optimize your site’s usability
  • Presenting well-written copy on your site can ensure that the customer sees your business as an authority in your field, and that they have reached a site they can trust

What’s Included in Our SEO Consulting Services

When evaluating SEO consultants, a key factor in choosing them will be what they are able to offer. Here are some of the tactics we’ll employ and questions we’ll analyze over the course of your SEO consulting agreement:

  • Keyword Analysis – What keywords do you want to rank for? Which keywords does your content focus on? Where do you currently rank? What opportunities are available?
  • Content Assessment – What are the top landing pages on your website? Is your content thorough? Does your content have a proper word count?
  • Website Audit – Are there structural issues with your website? Do you have web forms on the site? What other technical issues are present?
  • Analytics Evaluation – Do you have Google Analytics tracking on your website? Is goal tracking in place? Is your website connected to Google Search Console?

Industries Our Marketing Consulting Agency Can Help

No matter what business you are in, our marketing consultants can help. However, we are experienced in the following industries:

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