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Updated on 02/08/2024

Looking to bring more fans to your minor-league games? Digital marketing can be your answer!

Whether you have a focus on showcasing the games as affordable family fun or want to attract existing baseball lovers, Sixth City Marketing can help with your digital marketing for minor league baseball games.

“We have been working with the Sixth City team for about 6 years now and they have really helped us build our online presence. We work monthly hand in hand to come up with new campaigns and strategies. They are always thinking of new ways to generate leads and they are there for anything we need. They are also in the process of building our new website and I am so excited about the launch. It looks great! I love working with Sixth City and look forward to it for many more years to come!” – Sarah Wentz, Valco Valley Tool/Die

Best Practices for Marketing MiLB Online

On average, 3,910 fans attend a minor league baseball game. We want to see this number increase and excite people into the game again. When it comes to digital marketing for minor league baseball teams, reaching your target audience can be done through a couple of different strategies:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO builds a good foundation for the rest of our digital marketing strategies. With SEO efforts, we can begin tracking keywords with good search volume, optimizing your website for conversions (purchasing tickets), internal linking, and implementing schema markup.

All of these factors will help build up your website’s rankings, and assist in bringing more traffic in so you can work towards selling more tickets.

Social Media

A main priority for MiLB marketing will be through social media. Social media is a great way to engage with your audience and spread the word about upcoming games and events. When utilizing social media marketing, you can:

  • Engage with potential customers – People love interacting with social media posts every day, so we recommend that you create exciting content that will get people engaged on your page.
  • Post content with flexibility – When posting on social media, you have the flexibility to post as often as you want. Whether you want to post once a day once a week, or on the spot, social media gives you the power to post on the go, whenever you want.
  • Share your creativity – Many social media platforms allow you to include various aspects of your posts, such as music, locations, tags, captions, edits, story posts, and more.
  • Track profile traffic – When working in a business profile, you can see the kind of engagement going to your page and track it right from your profile.
  • Promote coupons, giveaways, and more – Social media is a great place to tell people what you’re offering for the next baseball game because people can easily share it so others can see it.
  • Connect your website and other links – Social media pages allow links in bios, which can help bring more traffic to your website.

We know that social media is popular to use, so why not utilize it for your marketing strategies? It’s an amazing way to communicate information about your minor league baseball team and allow people in the community to feel more connected to the team.

Paid Social Media

Paid social media would be another effective strategy for digital marketing for minor-league baseball teams. Ads on social media are beneficial because you can target the audience you want and have a guaranteed reach with your ads. Whether you’re advertising the next game day or promoting a giveaway, social media ads will help you increase the amount of people seeing your content.

When investing in paid social media, you’ll see other benefits such as:

  • A high volume of impressions
  • Expansive targeting of different audiences
  • Brand awareness
  • Analytics and insights
  • Community building
  • Low cost per click
  • Unique ad types

Local SEO

SEO in general is super important to leading more traffic to your website and ranking higher on Google, but local SEO can help target people within the city of your minor league baseball team. Here are some ways you can help your baseball team’s local SEO:

  • Optimize your Google Business Profile – When someone searches for your baseball team’s stadium, make sure the information is there and it’s correct. Include the team’s name, address, phone number, business hours, website, and photos.
  • Use local keywords – Implement local keywords in your website content, meta descriptions, blog posts, and more.
  • Join local directories – Find directories that highlight things to do in your city and add your baseball team as a place to visit.
  • Local link building – Get mentioned by local businesses, news platforms, or community organizations.
  • Include online reviews – Online reviews show users online that people recently attended your baseball games and had a good experience. So be sure to send follow up emails to people who buy tickets after a game and ask them to review you.

Why Do You Need Digital Marketing For Minor League Baseball Teams?

Digital marketing for minor league baseball teams offers a wide variety of benefits not only for your organization but for the city too. When working towards different strategies for MiLB marketing, you’ll begin to see an increase in:


Whether people are interacting with your social media account, attending games more, or viewing your website, you’ll begin to see that more people are aware of the fun that happens during a minor league baseball team.

Ticket Sales

Once people begin to see the excitement of your baseball games, they’ll want to be a part of it. When a marketing campaign is done correctly, ticket sales will increase for each home game.

Event Attendance

When planning special promotional events, you won’t have to worry about if people will show up. Because digital marketing allows teams to showcase their events and special offers, it can create more excitement around it and people will want to be a part of the fun.

“Great people who do great work! This team made it very easy to understand the nuance of SEO and its crucial role within our digital strategy. I highly recommend Sixth City if you’re looking for a results-driven and detail-oriented marketing team. There’s no fluff in their method and the data doesn’t lie. You will get a crystal clear sense of your return on investment.” – Patrick Sammon, NEWHOUSE

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