If you are looking for franchise marketing services, let our team of search engine optimization experts, PPC managers, and designers bring your business more leads.

Through franchise SEO, PPC, social media, and more, we can help your company get better results through tailored strategies.

Benefits of Our Franchise SEO Services

Doing search engine optimization for your franchise’s websites can show great results in various areas. Our marketing agency for franchises can help your business in the following ways:

  • Boosting where you rank in search results (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Increasing exposure on Google Maps for local stores/locations
  • Improving user experience on your website
  • Improving response on web forms
  • Providing worthwhile data through Google Analytics tracking
  • Boosting traffic and visits to your website
  • And so much more

What We Offer as a Marketing Agency for Franchises

We can provide an array of digital marketing services at our SEO agency, including:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimizing your website is an essential part of getting great results from internet marketing. With writing unique page copy, producing informative blog posts, incorporating calls to action, and more, we can give your website a needed makeover for franchise SEO. Not to mention, we can help optimize your local listings for better exposure for all of your franchise locations.

Online Advertising (Pay Per Click)

Our PPC management team is experienced with getting your ads seen by your ideal audience on Google, Facebook, Bing, and various other prominent places on the web. We will monitor your campaign to ensure maximum exposure to the best potential customers. From designing landing pages with a high conversion rate to writing ads to monitoring your account, we can assure your campaigns will perform better with our expert team.

Website Development and Design

Since your site is the face of your company on the internet, having a unique website design that reflects your brand, but also encompasses good user experience and brings leads, is essential. Our in-house staff of designers and developers will work with you step by step through the website redesign process to give you a streamlined site that converts.

Social Media Marketing

Making sure your business’s brand has a presence online is more important than ever, and our franchise marketing experts have the ability to write posts, design graphics, and schedule out content on all of your preferred social media outlets.

SEO Consulting/Auditing

We have worked as a consultant for a wide variety of businesses to help them boost their marketing efforts and traffic, which has included strategy suggestions, website evaluations, design recommendations, and more. We can offer your team valuable ideas for online marketing.

CRM Management

If you are currently utilizing a customer relationship management system or are interested in one, as a HubSpot certified agency, we are experienced in helping our clients navigate through their CRMs to help funnel sales, monitor leads, and more.

Email Marketing

Alongside our other services, we also have the ability to help your company with writing, designing, and sending out monthly newsletters to your desired audience on unique topics related to your business.

What You Get – Custom Marketing Reporting

For all of our services, as part of your agreement, you will receive a monthly report showing all the important data connected to your campaign, which may include:

  • Search engine keyword positions
  • Form submissions
  • Website traffic
  • Ad positions
  • Phone calls
  • Social media followers
  • Social media page likes
  • Website conversion and response

We ensure that we can present you data that shows your return on investment in our franchise marketing services, proving what we are doing for your company is producing real results.

The Types of Franchises We Serve

Being an experienced SEO agency, we have worked with a large variety of clients over the years, including businesses in the following industries:

Why Choose Sixth City Marketing?

When working with you, what we care about the most is results. And to highlight that, here are a few insights from our previous case studies showing what we have been able to do for other clients through SEO, PPC, and more:

  • SEO strategies and a new website design for one client improved search engine traffic by 540% and brought in 314% more leads on a monthly basis
  • In-depth analysis and strategy implementation for a client made it so 90% of their new internet submissions led to new business
  • PPC management and thorough SEO strategies for one client were able to bring a 129% increase in online leads, with a 632% increase in web traffic

To get details on each of these examples, head over to our case studies page.

Interested in Our SEO for Franchises?

Are you ready to learn about the franchise marketing we can do for your company? Contact us for a free website evaluation today! We look forward to working with you.

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