Why You Need to Be Marketing Your Cleaning Business Online

Did You Know 59% of Potential Cleaning Customers Do Research Online Before Converting?

Sarah BlocksidgeAuthor: Sarah Blocksidge
Updated on 03/09/2023

People are searching online for your services, are you doing what it takes to show up? Digital marketing is incredibly impactful for businesses and provides them with the opportunity to not only improve their online presence, but to increase sales and profitability. Lacking a strategic plan for digital marketing for cleaning companies can be harmful to the business, as if your competitors are doing it, they potential clients will be finding their business instead of yours.

Your cleaning company digital marketing efforts must be top-notch because cleaning services are always needed – and any customer is a potential long-term customer.

And if you aren’t looking for advice, but rather a team of experts will carefully put together and execute a fully customized cleaning company digital marketing plan to take your business to the next level.

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What is Digital Marketing for Cleaning Companies?

Digital marketing for cleaners encompasses a set of strategies and tactics that help you gain more customers online. The point of doing marketing for your company is to get leads, and investing your time and effort into digital marketing can help do just that. Four of the main types of digital marketing include search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), conversion rate optimization (CRO), and website design and development.

4 Tips for Marketing Cleaning Services Online

1. Optimize Your Google Business Profile

As a locally-focused niche, it’s likely that your ideal client is searching for “cleaning company near me” or
“professional cleaners in [your city]” and with searches like that, Google is going to show them a local 3-pack seen below:

cleaning company local marketing

And in order to show up in this search feature, you need to have a Google Business Profile (GBP), but just having one and not doing anything with it is doing going to help your efforts. You need to invest time in optimizing and keeping it updated.

So if you haven’t touched your GBP in years, or are just starting a cleaning company, here are some things we advise to get you started:

  • Make sure your business name is correct (as tempting as it is to add in keywords to your business, this breaks Google’s policies)
  • If you work out of our home, don’t display your personal address, instead switch to becoming a service area business, and add in all the regions you want to rank in
  • Be detailed in your business description so users know exactly what to expect from you
  • Add in all the services you offer, this helps Google match user intent
  • Make your website link either your homepage, or a location page if you are in more than one city
  • Include photos of your cleaning services for proof of quality work
  • Encourage satisfied customers to write detailed reviews
  • Check to make sure your business hours are accurate and are also reflected on your website

2. Find Out What You Rank For and Make Adjustments

Think of the types of cleaning services that you offer. Do you provide window cleaning? Do you offer residential? Janitorial? Deck construction? Maybe your services are more commercial?

If you aren’t already using software to track terms you want to rank for, it’s probably hard not know how exactly people are finding your website. Thankfully, there are some free tools out there that will let you get a glimpse at where you stand among your competitors.

When you target industry-specific keywords you can improve your search engine rankings and help your online presence, driving more customers to your site, so it is essential that your craft compelling copy on your service pages that not only can reiterate to search engines what you do, but potential customers as well.

Pro-tip: Use your blog to help you rank for some more general questions people may ask for that could lead to them using your services such as:

  • Best way to clean smoke off of walls
  • How to deep clean carpet from pet accident
  • Easiest way to get rid of mold

These are just a few, but use your expertise and own experience to write content that is knowledgeable and can help more people find your site. Plus, you may end up getting some solid backlinks from it, too.

3. Experiment with Local Service Ads

If you have tried running PPC campaigns on Google Ads or other platforms, and haven’t been getting solid results, you should consider taking a step back and make some adjustments. As a cleaning company, Google will allow you to market your ads via Local Service Ads (LSAs) which look like this:

cleaning company LSAs

And they appear above regular text ads, making them the first result to appear on the search results page. However unlike text ads, you will need to become Google Guaranteed, which involves betting vetted by Google’s team to ensure you are a qualified and legitimate company.

Local service ads configure via your Google Business Profile, that we talked about earlier, to add additional information to your ad listing such as reviews, hours, and years in business. And if they click on your add, even your services and photos will become available for them to view as well.

Experimenting with LSAs can be hard, as competition for terms you’d bid on such as “cleaning company” or alike will cost a pretty penny per click. And if you find your ad spend being blown out quickly because of them, you should consider the following:

  • Going niche or broad on terms – Typically the longer the keyword, the less it costs, but also, the less its searched, however it can bring in more qualified leads. Do a mix of both to see what you should target.
  • Expanding or excluding ad run times – Use the analytics data available in Google ads to find out if it would benefit running only night-time campaigns or what other times serve you best.
  • Zero in or branch out – Location is everything, and depending on whether you started small or went big, refining where you want to run your ads can help get you the most bang for your buck.

4. Perform a Competitor Analysis

Digital marketing requires more than digging into your own business, but it requires performing in-depth research on your competitors as well. Not only can this help with your rankings or ads performance, but it will inspire and innovate the efforts your cleaning company puts out to existing and potential customers.

A competitor analysis can include things such as:

  • SEO and PPC keyword comparison and analysis
  • Blog and page content research and application
  • Competitor backlink analysis (directories, guest posts, etc.)
  • Site speed differentiation on both mobile and tablet

While a competitor analysis can tell you what you’re doing well, it can also tell you what you can improve on or start doing. For example, maybe another cleaner is using a tactic to reach their target audience that you aren’t currently doing which gives you an opportunity to enhance your SEO strategy, or inspire a new PPC campaign.

“Sixth City has been incredible to work with. They quickly and articulately communicate what they’re doing and why, they respond to emails promptly, and have consistently shown solid, measurable ROIs. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking digital marketing or SEO based services!” – Seth McDaniels, SERVPRO

Answering Questions You Might Have

When working with clients, we often receive many questions on our digital marketing efforts and services. Here are a few:

  • I have a hard time getting reviews, what can I do? – Getting reviews for your cleaning company can definitely be tough, but it can definitely be done. Using email, texts, or social media posts are an easy way to communicate with your customers and kindly ask for them to leave truthful reviews.
  • My competitor is using keywords in their business name, can I do anything to outrank him? – Yes, first off, you can send edit suggestions to Google for businesses who are stuffing keywords into their business name to rank higher, but if you work hard enough to optimize your profile and website, you can eventually rank above them, too.
  • I can’t afford a website, what options do I have? – While ranking outside of the map pack without a website will be tough, it certainly can be done within your GBP. Google actually allows businesses to create free websites to use on their profile! This way you can have someplace to send people to from your profiles.
  • All of my PPC budget gets used up by unqualified clicks by noon, how do I fix that? – This can be because of a mix of things, first thing to check and see what terms are eating up clicks, and ensure you have proper negative keywords in place to help get rid of unqualified users.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing for Commercial Cleaning Companies

The benefit if working with our agency is that we are experts in the industry and have a proven track record for success. We will take the time to do extensive research to analyze the online behaviors of your target market, evaluate the current metrics of your business, and set realistic digital marketing goals.

The Sixth City team will work to achieve your marketing goals by way of:

  • Increasing online sales
  • Boosting conversion rates
  • Improving traffic to your website
  • Enhancing your online presence in a targeted area
  • Upgrading user experience and site speed

As we work through your goals, we can provide you with data and results that can explain what’s working and any areas in need of improvement. We show results through:

  • Increases in overall leads tracked through Google Analytics
  • Traffic improvement from both organic and paid search results
  • Boosts in keyword positions via organic search
  • Decreases in cost-per-lead via paid search
  • ROI data

How Sixth City Marketing Can Help

Our digital marketing for cleaning companies can help your business soar online! We will work to meet your goals, increase your online presence, and track data to measure improvements.

The digital marketing services we can provide you with include:

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO is the best way to generate organic traffic to your website. We can perform keyword research, write content, improve user experience, and track results to bring more local leads to your site.
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing – We will plan and launch paid campaigns through Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We have a dedicated team who will be responsible for writing, executing, and maintaining the paid campaigns from start to finish.
  • Social Media Marketing – With your target audience in mind, we will work with you to manage your social accounts and ensure that you’re developing a relationship with your followers.
  • Consulting and Auditing – These services include content and technical analysis of your website and will provide you with a strategy recommendation so you can make adjustments moving forward.

The Sixth City Marketing Difference

Here at Sixth City Marketing, we have a team of expert strategists, content writers, designers, and developers dedicated to helping our clients succeed. Not only can we provide innovative cleaning company digital marketing campaigns that are catered to your business, but our entire team works together to bring the magic to life.

  • We create a unique approach for each of our clients – nothing is cookie-cutter
  • Our small team is focused on quality and attention to detail
  • Our in-house staff of writers, editors and strategists have 25+ years of collective experience in the digital marketing industry
  • We have diverse expertise, having served a host of industries
  • Sixth City prides itself on results that show your investment with us is worth it!
  • We work with both B2C and B2B providers

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service as well as getting results. Not only do we understand the urgency of reaching your goals, but we prioritize the importance of receiving a return on investment to grow your business. Check out our case studies to see how our work has resulted in great success. A few key examples of our success include:

  • Boosted leads by over 300%
  • Increased web traffic by 1,528%
  • Improved SEO traffic by 632%
  • Grew conversion rate by 295%

Our Wide Range of Service Industry Experience

Another thing that sets us apart from other agencies is that we are equipped to provide our services for a wide variety of industries. Not only do we provide digital marketing for cleaning companies, but we also work with industries including contractors, HVAC, plumbers, roofers, painters, waste managers, and more.

Digital marketing is a practice that will improve the online presence of every business, but it can be done in a variety of different ways depending on the industry. For example, when our agency is determining a digital marketing approach, we may choose to implement different SEO strategies for home services versus a manufacturing company.

Some approaches we would take for service industries and related businesses include:

  • Link acquisition – Our team will perform research and outreach to build backlinks to your site to increase the domain authority which is a representation of how you rank on search engines.
  • Metadata optimization – We will update the metadata on site pages to eliminate duplicate copy, as well as optimize for targeted keywords to bring the appropriate customers to the page.
  • Blog expansion – Creating and building a blog can be extremely beneficial for SEO purposes. Our team will write creative copy to target specific keywords, boost traffic, and increase rankings.
  • Keyword research – Targeting keywords that are specific to your business and your desired goals is crucial to digital marketing. We have access to a variety of softwares to tell us what your target customers are searching for.
  • Competitor research – As mentioned above, our team will research and analyze your competitors to see how rankings compare within the industry to establish a strong digital marketing plan.
  • Local outreach – Building brand awareness on a local scale can tremendously help with increasing rankings and getting links to your site. We will conduct outreach to local sites and organizations to build awareness and overall site presence.
  • Spam fighting – It is common that businesses are ranked lower due to spammy competitors going against the terms and conditions of Google Maps. We mitigate this issue by performing spam submissions to increase rankings.
  • User experience – A site’s user experience is significant to increasing conversion rate. Therefore, we will ensure that potential and existing customers are able to easily navigate the site on all devices.

Those are just a small of the many practices our agency takes to help build the overall SEO equity for a client. Some additional examples include schema implementation, speed improvements, citation work, data analysis, and more.

Our Agency Office Locations

While we are headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, our company provides our services and expertise to a variety of different areas to serve clients across the country including:

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Sixth City wants to help you improve your online presence! If you are looking for a reliable agency for digital marketing services, Sixth City Marketing is the solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about all we can do for you.

“I’ve worked with Sixth City Marketing for multiple years now for my PPC and SEO needs. They have consistently delivered a high-quality product, are professional, and deeply care about their customers. They listen to my business needs and work with me to help my business grow. I’ve seen a massive improvement in the quality of leads, website visitors, and click-through rate. My website has experienced immediate positive results from suggested website changes, with increased forms completed, increased phone calls, and increased pages per visit. Other PPC companies I’ve worked with just waste ad spend, while Sixth City Marketing makes use of every penny.” – Jennifer Hristovski, SprayWorks

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