At Sixth City Marketing, we are proud to be a HubSpot partner agency with the ability to offer your local business the best expertise in HubSpot marketing in Cleveland.

5 Reasons We Love HubSpot

When you decide to invest in a CRM, it can be hard to decide which one makes the most sense for your business. But having a system that can do just about everything and more can really make or break your internal sales processes.

Not only are we avid HubSpot fans in our office, but we know that our clients who use HubSpot or have made the switch love it as well! Here are a few of our favorite things about HubSpot:

Customer Relations

Whenever you get a new form submission, or meet a potential customer in person, you can easily keep track of all your contacts and your communications with them.

Email Marketing

With the HubSpot email platform, you can ditch your third-party newsletter service. You can create email templates, set up automated emails, and keep track of the success of your email campaigns all in one place.

Lead Source Tracking

One of the key reasons we love HubSpot is that their forms and chat bots are built with the technology to tell you where your customer came from, whether it be organic search, PPC, direct search, or referral. And as many know, seeing this data is essential in measuring the success of your marketing.


On top of lead source data in HubSpot, you can see a variety of great internal reports! With sales, marketing, and paid settings, HubSpot has a ton of premade widgets that display metrics you want to know.


Your sales team will love being able to keep track of your leads through their various stages. From client prospects to acquired business, you can see a timeline of everything going on.

Types of Businesses We Serve

We’d be happy to help businesses of any kind with HubSpot marketing in Cleveland, but here are a few industries we excel at assisting:

digital marketing seo

Additional Marketing Services Offered in Cleveland

As a well-established Cleveland digital marketing agency, we can do so much more than just help you with HubSpot marketing. We’d be happy to provide your company with:

Get to Know Our Cleveland Agency

Sixth City Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency located in the heart of downtown Cleveland! We also have a headquarters in Rocky River, as well as an office in Columbus.

Our great staff of creatives has 25+ years of collective experience in design, writing, and marketing strategy.

And unlike other Cleveland HubSpot marketing agencies, we have a focus on getting you results over anything else, which is why we are trained in utilizing every facet of HubSpot.

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