Here at Sixth City Marketing, we incorporate various digital marketing efforts to help generate more revenue by driving traffic to your site through search engine optimization alongside our other services such as pay-per-click, email, social, and web design.

Our approach is 100% custom and tailored toward reaching your goals, target audience, and targeted geographic location. At the end of the day, we want to ensure you are getting results and ROI in our services.

Example of SEO Services We Offer for Houston

A few key SEO strategies we implement in our offered services are:

  • Keyword and Competitor Analysis – This is the process of examining different keywords or phrases that bring visitors to your site through search engines. We use a combination of both tools and manual examination on search results pages to determine what terms you rank for, where you can improve, and what other brands we need to further investigate.
  • Content Optimization – This refers to creating content that is written in a way to reach a larger audience. Through content optimization, businesses are able to make sure keywords are present and all relevant links are included throughout your site pages. Our process includes looking at all the key pages of your site and writing unique content that not only is friendly to search engines, but also users.
  • Blog Creation – Having a blog can bring additional traffic to your website, as well as backlinks. We have the ability to set up a blog on your site, if you don’t currently have one, and write posts based off your services, products, and other topics related to your industry that can inform potential customers.
  • Link Building – Acquiring quality links from other websites can give your business the boost it needs to rank above competitors. Alongside that, it’s beneficial to include links from internal and external pages on your own site to help increase your businesses overall trustworthiness and authority. From industry-related directories, to guest posts, and unlinked mentions, we strategize multiple ways to get more links pointing to your site.
“The team at Sixth City Marketing is a customer-focused, forward-thinking team. They present a laid-back but professional environment that makes them feel as though they are an extension of your team. On top of the services they provide, they also provide education to continue maximizing your brand’s awareness and clout. With focus on SEO and customer conversions, they strive to make the most of the resources you’re putting towards your websites and marketing. Most of all, this team is trustworthy, and I truly feel they have their clients’ backs.” – David Jeffries, Ohio HD Video and Cine Rental

SEO Leadership

John Sammon

John Sammon

CEO & Founder

Brian Gorman

SEO Director

Maureen Darrah

Maureen Darrah

Senior SEO Operations Manager

Steve DiMatteo

Steve DiMatteo

Senior SEO Strategist/Content Manager

We Offer More Than Just SEO Marketing

We offer more than just Houston SEO services for your business, we also offer various digital marketing services in the Houston area. Some other areas of our expertise include:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – These campaigns can be run on Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other social media platforms to help drive in relevant traffic to your site. Our team will run the campaign by writing ad copy, landing pages, ongoing adjustments to keywords, and management of overall campaign to bring you the best results.
  • Social Media Marketing (SEM) – More and more people are joining social media platforms daily, which can be a valuable place to boost recognition to your business. We schedule, monitor pages, and respond to customers to create a stronger relationship with your online audience.
  • Website Design and Development – We can create a custom-made website to fit your company and its goals with success in mind. We want to create a mobile-friendly site for your business, but also want to bring your company the best results. We can create a custom-made website to fit your company and its goals with success in mind, whether you need a redesign or brand new site in Shopify, WordPress, or more!
  • Email Marketing – Our team has experience writing email copy, designing email templates, scheduling emails, and monitoring responses. Through email marketing we are able to send out information about your business such as different promos running at the time and insights to products or services offered. We provide email marketing campaigns custom made to your desired audiences, whether it be to re-market to people who have contacted in the past or to build a new email subscription list.
  • Much more – We offer services such as conversation rate optimization, CRM management and consulting and auditing to help your website’s overall online presence.

For more information, be sure to check out some of our blog posts to see more in depth our team’s digital marketing expertise.

What Makes the Sixth City Marketing Team Different

Let’s take a look at some of our teams’ unique qualities that makes us stand out from the rest:

  • Goal focused – We customize our marketing campaigns toward reaching your goals. All our clients are assigned to their own account manager and will work with you throughout your campaign. Your dedicated account manager and strategist will be there to help with whatever your business needs.
  • Data tracking – Seeing a return on investment when you run a business is one of the key components to knowing what works and what doesn’t for your company. Our agency provides advanced analytics with lead source data to help you see ROI.
  • Industry experience – Our team has had a wide range of knowledge experience over the years. From marketing to creative writing to business to design and more, allowing us to provide well-rounded skills to your company. Our team is always learning and finding new ways to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Honesty and transparency – We believe honest communication is very important between our team and the businesses we work with in building a successful campaign. You can trust that we are transparent with you in all forms of ongoing communication and data presentation.

Who We Help

Our Sixth City staff has experience working with a wide variety of clients in many industries, including:

“Fantastic to work with the Sixth City Team. We brought them in to our website hoping to increase traffic. With some initial quick changes, we saw our traffic more than double within a matter of a couple of months. It is so valuable to have the input from experts who know how SEO and other marketing avenues work and can produce a far greater result than trying to beat the system on your own.” – Dan Eifel, Summers Rubber

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Services

When you are researching different SEO agencies serving the Houston area, you may have some questions that come to mind. Here are a few common ones with our insights.

1. Can SEO be tracked?

SEO is tracked by using tools such as Google Analytics, various keyword tracking softwares, and our custom-made lead source tracking. Through these we are able to see important data from our campaigns and report it to you on a monthly basis

2. What if my site needs technical improvements?

If your site is not overall ranking well and there have been no new leads, the answer might be pointing toward making some technical improvements. This focuses on the backend features of your website, many behind the scenes aspects can factor into your businesses online ranking. We’ll review the workings of website security, mobile experience, sitemaps, site speed, metadata, duplicate content, schema, indexing, page structure, and more on your site to boost your online presence.

3. Is SEO both national and local?

SEO can be both national and local! After discussing your business goals, target audience, and location with you we can offer both local and national-based SEO services. Most times, your business type will give an easy answer whether you need a local or national focus.

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