Marketing your home building business online can be hard, since it can include managing several locations, dealing with competition, and tracking all your efforts. So it is understandable that you might seek out a digital marketing agency to help carry the weight.

Hi, we’re Sixth City Marketing, a full-service SEO, PPC, and web design firm that can help you take your business to new heights with customized SEO for new home builders.

Proven Results with SEO for Home Builders

In 2018, we worked with the Columbus-area company M/I Homes after they redesigned their website. They were looking to increase website traffic and online leads, and with our home builder digital marketing help, we were able to show concrete results.

We accomplished this through tactics such as:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Content writing and website updates
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Google Search Console review

Compared to the previous year for the company we were able to increase:

  • Overall traffic by 48%
  • Organic traffic by 12%
  • New users by 58%

Marketing Catered to Your Needs

Depending on where you are in terms of your home builder digital marketing, whether starting fresh or being years into trying various tactics, we can create a customized strategy that we can implement to give you max results. On top of some of the strategies we mentioned above, we also have the ability to do provide:

  • Blog post writing
  • Local citation creation
  • Local link building
  • Internal linking
  • Site speed optimization
  • Metadata writing
  • National link building
  • Image optimization
  • Design for conversion
  • Goal tracking and monitoring

Assess Your Current Home Builder SEO with These Questions

When researching your options for SEO for home builders, asking yourself these three questions is a great place to start in the process:

  1. When was the last time I evaluated my website? Google and other search engines are always changing their algorithms, which means that if you have not done proper website maintenance, your site could be behind the curve.
  2. Do I have marketing in place for all my locations? If your business caters to more than one area, it is crucial that you have landing pages and local listings online to help customers find you.
  3. Do I have goal tracking in place? If you already have Google Analytics added to your website, you should have proper goal tracking set up that allows you to track form submissions, phone calls, and other lead tracking metrics.

Get to Know Our Home Builder Digital Marketing Experts

Our team at Sixth City Marketing has a collective 25+ years of experience spearheading SEO campaigns across a wide range of industries from construction to contracting and so much more. Our in-house staff has the ability to work together to craft the perfect solution for your marketing goals.

With our talented writers, designers, and everything in-between, we ensure that by choosing our agency, the quality of work produced is unmatched. Not to mention, we can also offer your company paid marketing, website design, and a variety of other online marketing services.

Work with Our Team for Home Builder SEO

If you are interested in learning more about what SEO for new home builders can do for your business, request a free website evaluation today using the form above.

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