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Updated on 06/27/2024

More than ever, people are turning to the internet to find the service providers they need in every industry. And for funeral homes, helping families find your services in a timely manner is of paramount importance.

We know that referrals are usually the channel that helps the most with increasing business in the funeral industry. However, quite often, we talk to funeral home owners and funeral home marketing executives about what they can do to expand their online footprint effectively to generate more customers (and sales). One option is starting a locally focused SEO campaign.

On this page, we’ll take some time to explain what SEO is and how it can help your funeral business increase revenue.

“I own a small business but had no experience with SEO and never pursued online marketing. Sixth City made it easy to get started with online advertising. Since then, we have consistently gained new business through our website each month. This once skeptic is now a firm believer in the benefits of SEO thanks to John and his team.” – David Yost, Yost Insurance

FAQs About Funeral Home SEO

Here are some common questions about SEO relevant to the funeral industry and our answers. If you have more queries for us, please feel free to reach out through the form on the page.

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Funeral Home SEO

What Is SEO and How Can It Help My Funeral Home Business

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing strategy that centers around a series of tasks that ultimately help improve your visibility on popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. To further enhance your online presence as a business, it is important to consider all types of SEO. For funeral homes, the key is to rank highly not only for terms related to your business but also for the city you occupy and your surrounding area.

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Can’t People Already Find My Business on Google?

Most businesses can be found on Google by people searching for their name. (Here’s your cue to Google your business name.) Quite often, you’ll see a number of listings for your business if you do this. This will include your website listing, your social media listings, and common website directories like Yelp, and Glassdoor.

typical view of a what you will see when you Google a business name

Typical view of what you will see when you Google the name of a business.

The differentiator with SEO is that you are focused on ranking for terms (related to the services you offer) that your customers will be searching for.

If you are not able to be found by searching for your business name, please reach out to us.

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What if the Company That Built My Website Said That They Did SEO When They Built It?

A lot of the time, web design shops will try to create an environment that is conducive to search engines as much as possible. However, ranking well in search engines is a strategic exercise and it may be more involved than just creating a framework for you to be found (most likely by your name). included, or allowing our team to assess your site as part of an audit.
If your site has had SEO work performed on it in the past, whether as part of a website redesign or in work from another marketing agency, you’ll still likely need to make alterations to have the most success.

It is important to know that SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s an ongoing engagement that involves implementing best practices across all areas of your site, refining aspects when problems arise, and making alterations when Google’s algorithm changes or the internet experiences a shift in content approaches. That’s where a dedicated SEO team like Sixth City comes in to ensure your funeral home’s website is in the best shape possible to acquire the leads you’re seeking.

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How Do I Know if My Local Funeral Home Competitors Are Investing in SEO?
Some classic signs of a company investing in SEO include:

  • A high review count on Google Business Profiles
  • If you see your competitor responding to their reviews on Google Business Profiles
  • A website consistently ranking high in your local market
  • If the competitor has a great website user experience that consists of helpful content, photos, and an easy way to contact them

Example of responding to a review on Google My Business

An example of a response to a Google Business Profile review

A good way to get some insights on what your competition is doing in both paid marketing and SEO is through a website called

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What Is the SEO Process for Funeral Homes?

Great question. Many aspects go into a successful SEO campaign, but some of the key ones include the following:

  • Research and evaluations – In our first phases of performing SEO for your funeral home, we take a look at your current website, content, local profiles, competitors, and more to see what our team needs to focus on to get you results.
  • Custom strategic planning – After analyzing the various aspects above, we create a custom campaign strategy that will include approaches such as writing content, updating your Google Business Profile, updating metadata, and more to get your funeral home’s online presence looking its best in the eyes of search engines.
  • Execution and implementation – Our in-house team has the knowledge and skills needed to implement all of our strategy ideas whether they be small or major copy changes, design for conversion updates, or other tactics to give you more time to tend to your business.
  • Ongoing data tracking – We know that seeing results from our funeral home SEO work is going to be important to you, so each month we will send you a report that itemizes all the main points of our campaign, from form submissions to phone calls to keyword changes and more.

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I’ve Heard of Local SEO. Should I Be Doing That for My Funeral Business?

Yes, we would definitely recommend it. We mentioned Google Business Profiles above, and these are major components of local SEO. Having fully optimized profiles not only is important for attracting customers and letting them know about your business, but it also sends strong signals to Google and helps you in your rankings.

But local SEO doesn’t end there, of course. It actually takes all the elements and strategies of standard SEO – which can position a business well on a national or global scale – and tailors them for a more regional focus.

Aspects of a local SEO campaign include keywords targeted to a specific area, local citation work, acquiring quality backlinks from websites in your region, and more. Funeral homes, which are in a particularly locally focused industry, not only could benefit from local SEO work, they all but require it to edge out their competitors.

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My Funeral Home Is Actually Part of a Franchise. How Does That Change Things?

This is actually something very important to cover. We’ve worked with many businesses with a franchise component, and we have the skills and resources needed to help yours. Our approach, however, will depend on if you operate a single franchise that’s part of a larger corporation, or if you oversee all franchises for your company.

In the former case, our work would utilize keywords, content, in-depth strategies, and more that are designed to get clients to choose your franchise. Those other funeral home franchises may do very good work, but them getting business won’t help your bottom line, so everything we do will be to enhance your web presence.

If you oversee all the funeral home franchises for a company, however, our approach would change. In this case, our team would work with you to determine which franchises were the most in need of help and/or those which deserved the most prominence. We would then craft strategies tailored to assisting the given franchises, boosting their online presences through our local SEO tactics, customizing keywords to the specific region for each.

Depending on the needs of your business, our keywords might focus on:

  • Cities
  • Suburbs
  • Counties
  • Regions of the country
  • States

No matter which type of approach your company would require, our team of funeral home SEO experts can boost your site’s visibility online, draw more customers to your business, secure more leads, and increase revenue.

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Can You Offer More Than SEO for My Funeral Home?

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can help you in so many other ways than just SEO. Our other services include:

Want to hear about Sixth City in action? Read up on some of our past successes to learn about how we operate and work with our clients.

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The 8 Ways We Can Help with Funeral Home SEO

Some of the key tactics we use in our funeral home SEO strategies include:

1. Evaluating Landing Pages

Through Google Analytics, we can look at your pages and see how they are working. We can determine what’s gaining the most traffic, what’s converting, and where improvements are needed. After this, we can then make adjustments to elicit the best results for you.

2. Looking at Local Presence

We will make sure that business information is accurately inputted into your Google Business Profile and remains consistent across your website and social media.

3. Building Quality Links

In the eyes of Google, a quality backlink profile is essential. Our team will help give your site the extra boost through our extensive link building strategies.

4. Defining and Tracking Your Keywords

In the SEO world, keywords are everything. In order to generate high-quality traffic that will convert, determining which keywords you want to rank for is a very important step. Once we’ve established what your terms and phrases are, we have a software that will help track how well they are ranking and your progress over a span of time.

5. Writing Useful Content

Optimizing the content on your pages with keyword-rich copy and useful information for potential customers will not only help your search engine rankings, but it will help customers to easily navigate your website to make sales and purchases.

6. Making Technical Enhancements

From altering schema to metadata to image sizes and more, there are various things on the technical end of SEO that can enhance your website and help you appear more prominently in search results.

7. Implementing Design for Conversion

To help you get more form submissions and phone calls, there are some design changes that we find can greatly influence users who come to your site and encourage them to contact you. Although such changes do not directly affect SEO, they help your business as a whole.

8. Establishing Proper Analytics Training

At Sixth City, our team will set up goal tracking across phone numbers, web forms, and whatever else you would like to analyze for how your website is performing.

What Makes Our SEO for Funeral Homes Unique?

We know that you are probably doing diligent research into finding the right agency to help your business. Here are some things you should know about Sixth City Marketing:

In-House Team

Our agency takes pride in the fact that our team is all staffed in-house. We don’t outsource any of our work, and our team works in collaboration to produce great work for your funeral home business.

Years of SEO Expertise

With a collective 25+ years of SEO experience doing strategy, writing, web design and development, and paid marketing, you can trust that our team of SEO experts is ready to help your business get more leads.

Enhanced Tracking

We use various platforms and custom coding that allows us to deliver more detail on our data, such as phone calls and search engine data, that can help you see your ROI in our funeral home SEO efforts.

Experience Nationwide

From our locations in Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and beyond, we have been able to reach customers all over the nation, and can surely help your business no matter where you are located.


One thing true about any business is that things can change, and our ears are always open to any feedback from you for shifting our focus, working on other locations, and more. Along with this, our team is always on top of changes within the SEO industry, from following algorithm updates to discovering new best practices, all in order to help your website stay ahead of the curve.

Long-Term Relationship

One of the best parts of funeral home SEO marketing is that all the tactics we implement on your website and profiles not only will help your business currently, but will continue to provide a boost for years to come.


Honesty has always been our best policy, and you can ensure that we will always be 100% transparent in all communication with your team when it comes to your data and the success of your campaign.

“Sixth City Marketing has provided consulting, SEO and many other services to National Church Residences. The team has excellent advice and is very easy to work with.” – Karen Twinem, National Church Residences

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