Our Franchise SEO Experts Can Create Plans for Multiple Business Locations

Here at Sixth City Marketing, our team has been doing search engine optimization for 25+ collective years. So if you are looking for a reliable team to perform SEO for franchises, you can trust that we can develop custom and creative ways to get you more customers.

You Need Franchise SEO Services If…

You Don’t Have Maps Listings for All Your Locations

Can your customers find all your locations on Google and Apple Maps? If you search “[your business] near me” do your listings show up? This is a crucial part of marketing your franchise with SEO.

Your Location Pages Use Duplicate Content

Did you know that Google and other search engine platforms are advanced enough to detect if you are using duplicate content across the pages on your website? Google wants all your content to be relevant and unique, so if you have duplicate content it can negatively impact your campaign.

You Aren’t Collecting Reviews Online

As part of a local SEO campaign, we will encourage you to ask your customers to leave their feedback on your Google My Business profile. Our research has shown that the amount of reviews you have, and their rating, can influence your rankings.

Your Business Uses Inconsistent Branding

One thing that is incredibly important not only in terms of reflecting your brand, but also from an SEO standpoint, is consistency. You will want to ensure all your franchises are abiding by your branding standards in copy and more.

You Aren’t Using Local Schema

Schema is a type of structured code that you can add to your website to help search engines better understand the content on your site. There are various types of schema that can help franchises especially, such as Place, Restaurant, and LocalBusiness.

Your Website Is Outdated

By outdated, we mean your site is missing metadata, is not set up for HTTPS, loads slowly, and many other factors on the technical side of SEO that can all impact your rankings.

You Haven’t Cleaned Up Your Citations

Just as the Yellow Pages have been a key place to list your business for consumers, there are various areas online that operate in the same fashion. If any of your locations have changed addresses, phone numbers, or other important information, there might be citation sites online that need to be updated so customers can easily find you.

You Aren’t Building Outside Links

What some may not realize is that various aspects can come into play when determining a website’s strength. One of these is a solid backlink foundation, and to acquire that, you need a creative link building strategy that plays into your business’s strengths. We have considerable experience doing just that.

What Is Local SEO for Franchises and Why Is It Important?

Local SEO utilizes the same principles of normal search engine optimization, but instead of being concerned with a national focus, the practices performed as part of local SEO are geared toward specific regions. Some examples of local SEO include optimizing Google My Business profiles, writing landing pages for different locations, getting rid of spam on Google Maps, and more.

It is important if you are a business that attracts mainly local customers, like a restaurant, gym, or home services company, that your custom-made SEO strategy has different goals than other industries.

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