Looking for stats and facts on all things digital marketing? Look no further. Our team has been working on compiling the most compelling statistics you need to know for 2024.

Our Collection of Marketing Statistics and Facts

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A Glimpse at Our Collection: 75 Essential Digital Marketing Statistics

Search Engine Optimization

  • There are approximately 7 billion searches conducted worldwide every day (Worldometers)
  • 21% of Google searches will lead to more than one click on the SERPs (Moz)
  • Just over 96% of content online gets no traffic at all from Google (Ahrefs)
  • The first five organic Google search results account for approximately 69% of all of the traffic clicks (Up Inc.)
  • Organic searches that are located on the first page of Google have an average of 1,447 words on their web pages (Backlinko)
  • Want to rank in Google’s algorithm? If that’s the case, there are over 200 factors that Google considers when ranking a website (Backlinko)
  • In the United States, approximately 63% of organic search traffic on Google is from a mobile device (Oberlo)
  • In the United States, 53% of people will research products online before purchasing to ensure they are making the best decision possible (Google)


  • Pay-per-click advertising has, an average, of 200% return on investment (SmallBizGenius)
  • The website traffic that comes from PPC advertising is known to be double that from SEO (HubSpot)
  • For search advertisements, the average cost per click (CPC) for Google Ads is $2.69 (WordStream)
  • 45% of small businesses are known to use PPC advertising (Rank Tracker)
  • When local service ads (LSAs) are present, paid advertising accounts for 25.3% of all clicks (BrightLocal)
  • Google now allows over 70 types of businesses to utilize LSAs for their PPC campaigns (Google Blog)
  • Excess pinning can be known as one of the main reasons why your RSAs campaigns decrease in strength (Google Ads Help)
  • Your Google Business Profile needs to have at least one review before your LSAs can go live (Google)

Website Design

  • Out of the people that were surveyed, 75% of these people believe that a website’s credibility considers the site’s design (Kinesis)
  • A website that focuses on conversion rate optimization has a lead generation that’s 400% higher than a website with a poor overall design (Forrester)
  • Nearly 81% of people will consider going through with a website redesign because their current site has low conversion rates (Sagapixel)
  • The website design service market in the United States is worth $40.8 billion (WP Beginner)
  • Users will form an opinion of a website in just 0.05 seconds (CXL)
  • When a site has a mobile-friendly format, mobile users are 67% more like to purchase from a website (Forbes)
  • Just over 43% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress (W3Techs)
  • Google prioritizes websites that are both mobile-friendly and responsive (Google Search Central)

Email Marketing

  • By 2026, there will be projected to be 4.73 billion email users (Statistica)
  • When opening up an email, 63% of people will try to locate a discount (LXA)
  • Investing in email marketing has a return on investment of 4,200% (Luisa Zhou)
  • Personalizing an email to accommodate your target audience can increase revenue for your business by up to 760% (Techjury)
  • Based on the subject line alone, 47% of people will open an email in their inbox (OptinMonster)
  • 41% of people will open their emails from their mobile device, while 39% of people opt to check their email from a desktop (HubSpot)
  • For businesses, the best days of the week to send emails are Tuesdays and Fridays (OptinMonster)
  • Automated emails are known to produce 320% more revenue as opposed to emails that are not automated (Campaign Monitor)


  • In 2024, the global ecommerce market is projected to be $6.9 trillion (eMArketer)
  • In the United States, retail ecommerce is 75% generated through mobile (Statistica)
  • When conducting a local search, 18% of these searches will lead to a sale within 24 hours (SmallBizGenius)
  • 43% of all ecommerce traffic comes from searching on Google (Digital Third Coast)
  • By age group, the largest group of people who shop online is people between 25-34 years old (Fit Small Business)
  • Shopify has accumulated over $444 billion in economic impact globally (Shopify)
  • As of January 2024, more than 4.8 million websites are choosing to utilize Shopify (Demandsage)
  • In 2024, the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 70.19% (Baymard Institute)

Content Marketing

  • Out of those asked, 29% of marketers spend anywhere between 10 and 15 hours a week creating content (Vennage)
  • Between visual content and text, visual content is known to be 43% more persuasive for users (Zipido)
  • 33% of the highest-performing content incorporates a standard readability (Semrush)
  • 53% of marketers that have updated their existing content saw an increase in overall engagement (Semrush)
  • After reading a company’s custom content, 82% of customers tend to feel more positive about a business (Demand Metric)
  • Maintaining a blog on your website will increase your search rankings by 434% (OptinMonster)
  • When deciding what brand to purchase from, 85% of shoppers say that both the product information and photos are the most important factors on a product page (Think with Google)

Social Media Marketing

  • On average, people will use approximately 7 different social media platforms per month (DataReportal)
  • Out of all of the social media platforms, Facebook has the most active users monthly at just over 3 billion people (Statistica)
  • By the end of 2024, the total social media spend is expected to reach $219.8 billion (Statistica)
  • The percentage of all company website traffic generated from social media platforms that comes from LinkedIn is 46% (LinkedIn)
  • Compared to images, videos on Instagram generate 21% more interactions (Marketing Charts)
  • 55% of TikTok users agree that the platform helps them find out new things (TikTok for Business)
  • Almost 43% of marketers utilize YouTube as their main platform for influencer marketing purposes (eMarketer)

Call to Action

  • The average conversion rate of a web page is 2.4% (WordStream)
  • Calls to action (CTAs) that are used as anchor text in blogs increase conversions by 121% (HubSpot)
  • If you customize your CTA, you’ll likely convert 42% more visitors (Mindstamp)
  • There’s a 45% increase in clicks when CTAs are shaped like a button (Copyblogger)
  • CTAs that are included in a video are known to receive 380% more clicks (Quick Sprout)
  • Red CTA buttons are crucial for high conversion, as they outperform green CTAs by 21% (HubSpot)
  • If you include just one CTA in your company’s emails, you can increase sales for your business by around 1,617% (WordStream)

Mobile Marketing

  • 63% of all searches are done on a mobile device (Pedestal)
  • 58% of smartphone users will favor companies that keep track of a consumer’s past behavior either on the mobile website or application (Google)
  • As of November 2023, the average ecommerce conversion rate on mobile was 4.18% (Oberlo)
  • The most popular social media platform in the world is TikTok (Business of Apps)
  • As opposed to traditional television advertising, paid mobile advertising through YouTube is 84% more likely to be effective (Google)
  • Smartphone users will spend 40% less time discovering a website than if they were to use a desktop (Pedestal)
  • 82% of people will search their phone for more information while in a store (Pedestal)

AI Marketing

  • AI acclimation increased by 250% in 2023 (HubSpot)
  • With AI tools and software, 30% of organizations are saving employees time (IBM)
  • 88% of marketers believe that they need to implement AI technology to both stay competitive and meet their customers’ expectations (MailChimp)
  • 26% of B2B marketers applied chatbots on their websites also saw a 10-20% increase in leads (Statistica)
  • As of 2022, 26% of organizations use AI to help with their marketing and sales initiatives (IBM)
  • 44% of company owners will utilize ChatGPT to translate their content to other languages (NamePepper)
  • 52% of consumers are okay with having an AI assistant aid them with product, website, or overall user experience (Survey Monkey)

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