Looking for stats and facts on all things digital marketing? Look no further. Our team has been working on compiling the most compelling statistics you need to know for 2024.

Our Collection of Marketing Statistics and Facts

seo stats 2023
Search Engine Optimization
website design stats 2023
Web Design & Development
AI Marketing statistics
Artificial Intelligence Marketing
social media marketing stats 2023
Social Media Marketing
conversion rate statistics 2023
Conversion Rate Optimization
ppc stats 2023
email marketing stats 2023
Email Marketing
CTA stats
Calls to Action
ecommerce stats 2023
website redesign statistics
Website Redesigns
influencer marketing stats
Influencer Marketing
mobile marketing stats
Mobile Marketing
emoji stats
wordpress stats
video marketing stats
Video Marketing
schema markup
Schema Markup

We also have published some additional statistics that are crucial for some of the industries we work closely with, such as businesses:

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