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We are Sixth City Marketing and we can help you grow your revenue through search engine optimization, or SEO, alongside our digital marketing services. Our approach to generating more revenue is to evaluate your goals, target audience, and targeted geographic location and prescribe a custom strategy for your business.

Additionally, our approach to SEO centers on:

  • Showing your business ROI
  • Achievable milestones set at the beginning of the campaign
  • And other meaningful metrics outlined below
“We re-vamped our website and quickly learned that we weren’t getting the SEO numbers that we were used to and in addition, Covid-19 hit. Sixth City came in and took control of our SEO and really improved our google presence and improved our leads by quite a bit. They are professional, well-versed in all things SEO, and very responsive. I am very thankful for Sixth City.” – Madison Osborn, FitWorks
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How We Measure Results

Sixth City Marketing prides itself on results. Our Detroit SEO firm utilizes digital platforms that are able to effectively measure how your website optimization is working for you. We measure your marketing campaign through:

  • Overall traffic to your website
  • Conversions, sales, or phone calls made through your website
  • Search engine traffic to your website
  • Where you stand compared to competitors for your goods or services
  • Overall keyword ranking and movement

Sixth City’s Approach to Detroit SEO and Digital Marketing

This brief overview of our process to SEO for businesses will help you understand how we do our job for your company:

  1. Research – From analyzing the terms you wish to rank for to seeing what types of strategies your competitors are implementing, we do thorough research that helps us craft a custom strategy.
  2. Content – We will optimize the content on your site by adding in keywords, metadata, images, video, and various other aspects that will signal to search engines that your page should rank for your desired terms.
  3. Links – One of the best ways to help your website gain trust in the eyes of search engines and your audience is building strong backlinks to your website’s pages that prove your authority in your industry.
  4. Usability – Strategic updates to your website and its structure can help your pages have a better user experience that will enable visitors to convert at a higher rate.
  5. Measurement – As we mentioned earlier, we will measure the success of our work in various ways and will send you a report on a monthly basis that breaks down key information on the state of your campaign.

Common SEO Questions

How long does SEO take?

SEO is playing the long game. There are “cheat codes” or cookie-cutter approaches that may produce fleeting results, but it’s important to note that Google can and will penalize those who take shortcuts and try to beat the system. Worthwhile SEO builds value over time through strategic approaches.

Can I do both SEO and PPC?

Sure! SEO and pay per click are quite different, and would not interfere with one another if used at the same time. If you are interested, we would be happy to help you with paid advertising as well.

Do just national businesses need SEO?

No matter if you are a large B2B tech company, or a smaller B2C gym franchise, we can help. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from SEO and our tactics.

Why Choose Sixth City Marketing?

Our Detroit-serving SEO company is dedicated to reaching your goals and is focused on boosting your sales for years to come.

  • We offer a unique strategy targeting your audience, goals, and geographic area. No cookie-cutter approaches here
  • We provide a variety of digital services to improve your search engine performance, including by way of graphic design, content creation, website development, social media, and PPC
  • Quality is our biggest priority and attention to detail is a must
  • We are all in-house, meaning we don’t outsource any of our work which helps us deliver a higher-quality product
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With our diverse expertise in effective marketing techniques, our Detroit SEO firm is able to assist all industries in need. We have provided services to a wide range of companies within industries such as:

Check out some of the businesses we have had the privilege of working with!

Get to Know Our Team

Want to learn a bit about our SEO experts? Here are some things you should know about our team members:


Collectively, our team has 25+ years of experience in digital marketing and SEO! And they possess varied backgrounds and degrees in marketing, business, creative writing, journalism, and more.


One of the aspects we are proudest of as an SEO agency is our culture, and that our team is a close-knit group of professionals who enjoy working together, which helps us produce better work.


Many of our staff started with us fresh out of college, and have learned and grown as professionals within our agency over the years. We have been pleased to see them grow and become experts in the industry.

Also, check out our industry expertise by reading some of our latest blog posts.

“I’ve worked with Sixth City Marketing for multiple years now for my PPC and SEO needs. They have consistently delivered a high-quality product, are professional, and deeply care about their customers. They listen to my business needs and work with me to help my business grow. I’ve seen a massive improvement in the quality of leads, website visitors, and click-through rate. My website has experienced immediate positive results from suggested website changes, with increased forms completed, increased phone calls, and increased pages per visit. Other PPC companies I’ve worked with just waste ad spend, while Sixth City Marketing makes use of every penny.” – Jennifer Hristovski, SprayWorks
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