When you have a cleaning business, getting an influx of new customers on a regular basis is essential to maintaining your bottom line and continuing to grow. While some businesses offer products or services customers may purchase and go years without needing again, cleaning can be utilized again and again, whether it’s weekly or monthly.

This is one of the reasons why marketing for commercial cleaning businesses is so vital, because every new customer is a potential long-term customer, producing years of income for your business.

Let’s take a look at the varied services Sixth City can provide in SEO for cleaning companies, and why we’re your best bet to boost your business!

Why Sixth City Is Your Go-to Firm for Cleaning Services SEO

Our SEO services are varied and are always customized to a given industry and business. Some of the services we recommend in SEO for commercial cleaning businesses include the following:

Copy and Metadata Optimization

As part of our strategy, we will research and determine the most valuable keywords for your industry and then craft and/or update your homepage, services pages, blog posts, and more with these keywords to boost your rankings in search engines.

We will also optimize key areas of metadata such as meta title, meta descriptions, meta tags for pictures, and more, since search engines also “read” these areas, helping to drive customers to your pages.

Our dedicated, in-house writing team will craft authoritative, lengthy copy that fits your branding and draws the customers you want.

Link Building

Another valuable tactic in SEO for cleaning companies is link building, which is the process of researching opportunities for sites that your company can be linked on, then taking creative steps to acquire these links.

Some of these sites can include:

  • Online news outlets
  • Relevant blogs
  • Local businesses or organizations
  • Current and former clients
  • Award organizations
  • Business partners

Having your site linked on other reputable sites with a high domain authority is incredibly valuable in the eyes of Google, and you’re rewarded with more prominent placement in searches.

Google My Business

For businesses that are locally or regionally focused, like many cleaning companies, Google My Business is absolutely essential.

Not only does this platform give customers key information in terms of your hours, phone number, web address, and more, it gives you opportunities to boost your profile in local searches so that you can appear in the local pack, or 3-pack.

At Sixth City, we can optimize your profile, write and post regular updates, work to get you more positive reviews, and more!

We Deliver Key Metrics to Show ROI in Your Cleaning Service SEO

Once we’ve implemented the tactics above and many more to boost your website and acquire you more leads, we will then supply you with data on a regular basis to outline the progress of your campaign, the number of leads you’ve gained through online submissions and phone calls (if tracking is in place), and your total return on investment.

We know how important it is to see the value you’re getting from your investment, so we maintain this transparency with you so you always know your campaign’s status.

Need SEO Help for Your Commercial Cleaning Company? Reach Out!

If you’re ready to give your cleaning business a boost through SEO, be sure to contact our experienced team today. We’re ready to help!

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