If you are looking for experts in the digital marketing world, Sixth City Marketing is your answer. We have years of experience utilizing proven online marketing tactics for our clients. Our Columbus digital marketing company knows how to achieve your goals of increasing leads and generating revenue from your website.

What Kind of Services Can We Provide You?

1. Search Engine Optimization

If you want to appear higher on the search engine results pages, the answer is through SEO. A higher ranking can increase leads and generate more conversions for your business.

We will work with you to determine your target audience and keywords, and tailor a unique approach to get your content to rank for these keywords. Sixth City will provide you with on-page, off-page, technical, local, and WordPress SEO.

2. Pay-Per-Click Management

A vital aspect to your digital marketing approach is PPC management. Our Columbus PPC services can maximize your ROI and get your ad in front of the right audience.

We will create custom landing pages, expand reach and targeting, provide monthly progress reports, and focus on improving your overall leads.

3. Social Media

With more users joining the online world, managing your social media accounts effectively can really give a boost to your Columbus digital marketing efforts.

At Sixth City, we will write posts, schedule them out, monitor your accounts, and respond to comments or inquiries. We also can run ad campaigns to get your website better noticed by your target audience.

4. Website Design and Development

We have designed numerous websites for clients in Columbus, Ohio. We use WordPress to design custom sites, optimize contact pages, and update news pages and blogs. We also employ Google Analytics for goal tracking, use special SEO tactics on your site, and integrate your social media channels.

5. Video Production

If you are interested in adding video content to your website, you’re in luck! Our Columbus digital marketing company can travel to your site to film footage. Then we will edit everything and link the final product on your website and share it on social media channels.

6. HubSpot Marketing

In order to keep on top of your sales, it’s important to invest in HubSpot. Through HubSpot, you can track all of your contacts, perform email marketing with templates and automation, view lead source tracking through various stages, and much more!

If this CRM seems daunting to you, Sixth City can help you manage it.

7. Consulting and Auditing

If you are looking for Columbus digital marketing advice, we can consult on SEO, web design, PPC and more. We have worked with various clients in diverse industries, so we have the experience and knowledge that you need!

What Makes Sixth City Marketing Different?

Many companies offer digital marketing services, but here’s what makes us different:

  • We are local! – With our Columbus office in the heart of downtown, we have the ability to meet you in-person and have face-to-face communication.
  • We have experience with diverse clients and industries – We have worked with a wide array of clients within many industries. Sixth City doesn’t cater to just one type of client. We know how to make strategies that are customized to your business and its unique challenges.
  • We are a small SEO agency – As a small company, we are able to establish a solid relationship with our clients and focus on quality content that is personalized to you and your specific goals.
  • We show results – Our Columbus, Ohio digital marketing services are measurable, which means we can show you the results you’ve been seeking. These results can be measured through form submissions, overall site traffic, organic search engine traffic, and keyword rankings.


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