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Did you know that over two thirds of graduating high school seniors in 2014 reported that his or her perception of a college or university was influenced by that institution’s website?


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As Internet traffic is continuously increasing, Sixth City Marketing understands the importance of online marketing and how it can benefit your institution. Years of experience allow us to develop sites that are designed to draw more traffic, obtain higher conversion rates, and give your campaign goals a significant boost.

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Sixth City Marketing is a thought leader in online marketing. We look forward to taking your university’s website to the next level.

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  • Over ten years of experience in website design
  • Experience with a variety of content management systems
  • Enthusiastic client support and passion for our work

After extensive experience working with a variety of content management systems, Sixth City Marketing is well-equipped for any challenge. In addition to developing websites, Sixth City Marketing also excels with Internet marketing in the following areas:

  • Pay per click marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization

Sixth City Marketing ensures that your institution’s results exceed your expectations by synthesizing these various marketing areas. The Sixth City Marketing team places a lot of pride in our work. We make it a point to and include our clients in the strategizing process to ensure optimum ROI.

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