Let Our Google Partner Agency Give Your Campaign the Help It Needs

At Sixth City Marketing, we have team members who are certified in various specializations through Google’s own training. From this, we can provide your business with some of the best Google Ads management in Cleveland.

Get to know our company and see what separates us from other Cleveland Google Ads agencies.

What’s Included in Our Google Ads Management Services

Strategic Ad Writing

Our copywriting team has years of experience writing Google Ads content for various industries to help them get more customers. From manufacturing to dental and everything else, you can trust that we know how to appeal to your audience.

Conversion-Friendly Design

What many business owners may not realize is that the page that they are using in their ads could be a key reason why they aren’t getting results. Our designers and developers understand design for conversion and will incorporate it into your custom landing pages’ design.

Ongoing Bid Adjusting

We understand that when you invest in a Google Ads agency, you will want to make sure they are keeping your budget top of mind. Our team keeps a careful eye on various bid metrics to ensure we can get the most out of your budget.

Keyword Analysis

From doing competitor research to improving your quality score to making strategic suggestions on the keywords you are bidding on, our Google Ads experts can nurture your campaign to make sure it’s performing at its best.

Types of Ads We Can Run on Your Behalf

Like we mentioned before, our Google Ads experts here in Cleveland have received certified training, which allows us to be a Google Partner agency. From our training, we are certified in:

  • Search advertising – Creation, management, measurement, and optimization of Search campaigns
  • Display advertising – Creation, management, and optimization of Display campaigns
  • Shopping advertising – Creation of Merchant Center accounts, product data feeds, and creation and management of Google Ads Shopping campaigns

How We Separate Ourselves from the Rest

Our Google Ads agency in Cleveland is unlike others for a variety of reasons, but here are a few you may care to know about:

  1. We do more than just Google Ads management. We like to keep our hands dirty in a variety of digital marketing tactics to help businesses get more leads, from SEO to consulting to even web design. We’d be happy to work with you beyond a pay-per-click agreement.
  2. We have offices in Rocky River and downtown Cleveland. Just like you, we are a local Cleveland business! We’d be happy to come meet in person at your office or host you at our headquarters in Rocky River.
  3. We don’t outsource any of our work. One of the things we value the most is our quality. And part of that is having an in-house team who works together to produce great work and results.
  4. We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. All of our work is custom. No two businesses are ever the same, which means their marketing strategies should never be the same either.
  5. We’re focused on getting your results. Through Google Analytics tracking and monthly reporting, we do our due diligence to ensure that you can see the ROI metrics you care about.

Ready to Start Getting More Customers?

Talk with our team today to get more information on how we can help your business through Google Ads management.

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