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Is your company struggling to meet its goals? Discover why you should consider the help of our Cleveland, Ohio content marketing team

If your business is struggling to find successful marketing tactics, or is looking for a way to revamp your brand, content marketing is the way to go. Content marketing allows potential online customers to gain a solid first impression of your company, and it additionally enhances your brand awareness.

What Exactly Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is essentially what it sounds like, which is creating marketable content for a business or industry, and includes everything from writing blog posts to creating videos to crafting copy for key pages on your website to updating social media, and much more.

One of the main aspects of content marketing is making sure the content being produced is valuable to your company and the industry you are in. This is why all the Cleveland content marketing we produce revolves around key words and terms that we target for your business to ensure your pages are driven to the right audience.

In turn, the most effective kind of content marketing increases your SEO (search engine optimization) presence on Google and similar search engine sites, putting your business in front of users who are looking for the types of services or products you provide.

What You Can Expect from Our Cleveland, OH Content Marketing Team

At Sixth City Marketing, we pride ourselves on our dedicated team of Cleveland content marketing experts. From content strategists to writers to social media gurus, we supply the whole package!

Here are some of the content marketing services that our team can provide:

  • Strategizing SEO-friendly content for your business and industry – This involves conducting research for key terms related to your business, along with competitor research
  • Content creation of blog posts, webpages, newsletters, and social media updates – This includes writing for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, along with creating graphics and images for Instagram
  • Video production and editing – We can film, produce, and edit interviews with you and your staff, craft instructional and product videos, and much more

And since we live in an on-the-go world, we make sure that all our content is mobile-friendly and optimized for cellphones and tablets.

Our Proven Success in Cleveland Content Marketing

Through our content marketing efforts in Cleveland, Ohio, we have been able to help our clients get worthwhile results from the work we have performed.

As an example, let’s take a look at what we were able to do for one of our local clients, Valco Valley Tool & Die, a manufacturer specializing in snap buttons and metal stamping in North Royalton, OH.

In the initial stages of our campaign, we researched their industry and found that their customers used a variety of terms in searches for their signature product, snap buttons, and then we began our content marketing magic.

  1. We optimized key pages with a variety of snap button terms to help drive relevant leads to Valco’s site and crafted content around snap button terms.
  2. We then modified pages’ existing designs to incorporate stronger calls to action to help encourage users to contact Valco.
  3. Lastly, we supplemented essential pages with a combination of video and photos to both help reinforce company branding and also showcase Valco’s manufacturing abilities.

Valco’s Cleveland Content Marketing Results

  • 114% increase in visits per month YOY (2,910 vs. 1,362)
  • 543% increase in online inquires per month (135 vs. 21)
  • 6% site conversion rate vs. a former 1.54%

Of course, this is just one example of what we’ve been able to do for diverse clients in the Cleveland area and beyond. Visit our case studies page for more examples.

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