Chief Executive Officer

john sammonJohn Sammon holds a master’s degree in Visual Communication, with a specialization in interactive multimedia, and has over twenty two years of experience with web development and interactive strategy. He considers website design, SEO, PPC, design for conversion and multimedia/video his strengths and passion.

The innovative SEO strategies John has provided have helped dozens of clients outrank their strongest competitors for the most desirable industry keyword phrases. This has helped his clients yield hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for their businesses. His technical knowledge of web design and development has additionally aided him in producing conversion-friendly and search engine friendly websites.

In 2012, John created and taught a popular elective class at Ohio University entitled Online Marketing Strategies. The course introduced students to the strategies and uses of popular online marketing channels such as search engine optimization. The class is still taught today.

Outside of his duties as CEO at Sixth City Marketing, you can find him:

  • Walking his dog Bernie
  • Icing various injuries due to chasing around his three young children
  • Offering help on the Moz SEO forum
  • Hacking up an Ohio golf course
  • Cursing/celebrating the failures/successes of his favorite professional sports teams (the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Cleveland Cavaliers).
  • Challenging various employees in the office to a game of “office pong” (Beer pong without the beer)
  • Sharing insights on a variety of notable websites

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Questions for John?

If you have a question, please feel free to contact me directly at Or follow me on Linkedin & Twitter.

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