How the Solar Eclipse Was Marketed Across America (9 Examples)

solar eclipse marketing campaignsDue to the anticipation for yesterday’s solar eclipse, cities across the United States that were in the direct line of totality prepared accordingly for locals and visitors who traveled for the major celestial event on April 8.

With that in mind, our team wanted to highlight some of the most impactful local and national campaigns from coast to coast.

5 Local Solar Eclipse Marketing Campaigns to Know About

1. Monroe County’s Eclipse Public Awareness Campaign

Safety was essential when it came to viewing the solar eclipse. That’s why Monroe County, located in central New York, created an online informational guide to ensure that its residents were able to enjoy, the eclipse in both a safe and efficient manner.

Along with providing information on where to buy protecting eyewear, Monroe County also included information regarding traffic patterns, medical preparation, parking information, local events, and more.

So, whether you live in Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, or the surrounding area, you were safe in knowing that there were stringent protocols in place for eclipse viewers looking to take in the event.

2. Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Took Ecommerce Marketing to the Next Level

Between being in the path of totality for the solar eclipse and the NCAA Women’s Final Four, Cleveland, Ohio anticipated an influx of approximately 1 million people this past weekend! And with the increase in visitors, tourist attractions in the area contributed to marketing the solar eclipse accordingly.

That’s why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, one of Cleveland’s largest tourist attractions, marketed itself by hosting a 4-day “Solarfest,” as well as incorporating a Solarfest collection into their campaign. This unique selection features ecommerce merchandise that combines eclipse motifs and, of course, rock and roll. Check out some of their popular promotional products:

R&R HoF Eclipse Merch

By offering a limited offering of online products, the Rock Hall has done their part to market this once-in-a-lifetime event to those who visit the city of Cleveland. And if you’re looking to shop more Cleveland-based solar eclipse merchandise, check out CLE Clothing Co.’s line of T-shirts, magnets, and more!

3. William Shatner’s Partnership with Indiana University

As a part of the Hoosier Cosmic Celebration to ring in the solar eclipse, Star Trek actor William Shatner made his appearance at Indiana University in Bloomington to celebrate the eclipse. Talk about influencer marketing! Shatner was joined alongside other influential individuals, such as singer and rapper Janelle Monáe and Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel to space!

Due to the relevancy of Shatner, Monáe, and Jemison, the event was picked up by several news stations in the area leading up to the event, such as Circle City Broadcasting and the Indy Star.

4. Kerrville’s Eclipse Festival and NASA Partnership

This year, NASA partnered with cities that were in direct line of totality to ensure that these major hotspots had the most enjoyable and educational solar eclipse event possible. The town of Kerrville, Texas was no exception.

For the Kerrville Eclipse Festival, NASA hosted numerous events within the festival grounds to promote relevancy and media traction, which was not limited to scientific speakers like NASA Chief Scientist Dr. Kate Calvin and NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman, as well as various solar-related events, including the following:

  • Solar salutation yoga class
  • Welcome remarks from Kerrville Mayor, Judy Eychner
  • Photo op with Reid Wiseman
  • Live performance from Judah and the Lion

5. VisitErie Launched the S.H.I.N.E. Ahead of the Eclipse

With the goal to rally residents and celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event, Erie, Pennsylvania, like many cities in the direct line of totality, hosted a plethora of events for residents and visitors alike. What made Erie different from many of these totality cities is its use of an acronym to ensure that key features of the eclipse were both consumable and easily memorable.

This message was then relayed by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportations and the Pennsylvania State Police Department. S.H.I.N.E. stood for:

  • Schedule your appointments for another day
  • Have a plan to get groceries and gas in advance
  • Inform yourself and others about what’s going on
  • Navigate traffic (or don’t, completely up to you)
  • Enjoy the moment!

Alongside the festivities encompassing Erie’s solar eclipse celebration, local establishments, such as County Fair, showcased specials for the solar eclipse, such as the $1.99 breakfast muffin or croissant throughout the month of April.

Country Fair Eclipse

Other Solar Eclipse Brand Campaigns on Our Radar

Beyond the local level, several national corporations participated in marketing themselves throughout the solar eclipse holiday. With that in mind, here are just some of the honorable mentions that we think were, quite literally, out of this world.

1. @NASAMoon “Blocked” @NASASun

Two major X (formerly Twitter) accounts that cover NASA’s solar and lunar updates took “blocking” to a whole new level. And we thought we were only getting one total solar eclipse on April 8!

2. Krispy Kreme Partners with Oreo to Offer Sweet Eclipse Treats for All

Available at select Krispy Kreme locations, customers could purchase a Total Solar Eclipse specialty dozen to enjoy with friends and family leading up to the day of the phenomenon.

3. Special SunChips Available for 4 Minutes and 27 Seconds

In anticipation of the much-awaited solar eclipse, SunChips released a limited-edition flavor, Pineapple Habanero and Black Bean Spicy Gouda, for the special occasion. The only catch: it was only available to purchase for less than 5 minutes.

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4. “Climbing the Cosmos” with Delta Airlines

Wonder what it was like to view the 2024 solar eclipse from 30,000 feet in the air? Well for individuals flying Delta on April 8 from Dallas to Detroit, these thoughts became a reality.

Marketed as a specialty Delta Airlines event equipped with swag bags, specialty snacks, and, of course, solar glasses, 200 passengers were able to witness three minutes of complete totality from their aircraft seats.

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