Legal Statistics: 45+ Marketing Stats for 2024

As a law firm, growing your clientele can be tough given it’s one of the most competitive industries for marketers. With that being said, not doing digital marketing can seriously hinder your business. Here are the top statistics about marketing for lawyers and attorneys that can help you rank.

General Statistics on Marketing for Lawyers

  • Over 1/3 of people who are looking for an attorney will search online (Clio)
  • 65% of law firms allocate most of their marketing budget to digital (Clio)
  • There are 1.3 million lawyers in the United States (Attorney At Law Magazine)
  • 500,000 law firms are smaller-sized firms (Attorney At Law Magazine)
  • 25% of law firms do not track their leads (Attorney At Law Magazine)
  • 83% of law firms will hire an outside marketing firm to do their marketing work (CallRail)
  • 91% of law firms handle the same client multiple times (CallRail)
  • 46% of law firms remarket themselves by creating targeted content (On The Map Marketing)
  • Each year on average, a law firm will typically invest 49% of its budget toward marketing (CallRail)
  • 68% of law firms have focused on marketing because of internal pressure to increase revenue (FinancesOnline)
  • 59% of people who search on the internet, search using a mobile device (Sixth City Marketing)
  • The top 200 law firms in America had an average marketing budget of $2,354,946 (On The Map Marketing)
  • 85% of people use maps online to search for legal service locations (Sixth City Marketing)

SEO Marketing Statistics for Lawyers

  • Over 25% of internet users will click on the first result they see on Google (Sixth City Marketing)
  • A law firm will on average spend $150,000 on SEO (FirstPageSage)
  • Small law firms will usually spend around $2,500-5,000 on SEO campaigns (On The Map Marketing)
  • 79% of law firms believe that SEO is the most effective marketing channel (The National Law Review)

Social Media Marketing Statistics for Lawyers

  • 33% of law firms will use Facebook daily for marketing (On The Map Marketing)
  • 16% of law firms will use Twitter to market themselves (On The Map Marketing)
  • 84% of law firms were able to obtain leads by organic social media traffic (CallRail)
  • 85% of attorneys used social media in their marketing strategy in 2018 (FinancesOnline)
  • There has been a 15% increase in attorneys using social media as a part of their marketing strategy from 2015-2018 (FinancesOnline)
  • 37% of law firms are investing in LinkedIn advertising (Sixth City Marketing)

Website Design Statistics for Lawyers

  • 49% of law firms say that mobile optimization is a challenge for them (CallRail)
  • 51% of law firms say the biggest challenge regarding digital marketing for law firms is website optimization (CallRail)
  • 66% of law firms plan on spending more on their website (On The Map Marketing)
  • 38.9% of law firms brought in more leads by investing in their website (Justia)
  • 27% of lawyers have blogs on their website (On The Map Marketing)
  • 97% of law firms don’t have any kind of personal content present on their website (FinancesOnline)
  • 40% of smaller law firms do not have a website (FinancesOnline)
  • 35% of smaller law firms have not updated their website design or content in the last 3 years (Sixth City Marketing)

PPC Statistics for Lawyers

  • 11.1% of law firms saw more leads when investing in Google local service ads (Justia)
  • 16.7% of law firms said they would be eliminating Google Ads in their 2022 legal marketing plans (Justia)
  • 17% of lawyers predicted that Google local service ads will be the most important marketing strategy (Justia)
  • 90% of people who are on the internet will view a Google advertisement (Sixth City Marketing)

Lead Generation Statistics for Lawyers

  • 49% of law firms described their best marketing channel as purchasing web leads (Attorney At Law Magazine)
  • 46% of clients will contact a law firm first by phone (CallRail)
  • 42% of law firms take an average of 3 days to respond to a potential customer (Clio)
  • 86% of law firms do not collect email addresses (Clio)
  • 45% of law firms do not collect phone calls from a potential lead’s call (Clio)
  • 35% of the time when a potential lead calls a law firm, the call is not answered (Clio)
  • 67% of people said that they’d prefer a law firm that answers quickly to a call or email (Attorney At Law Magazine)
  • 22% of people will hire an attorney within a week of submitting a lead (Attorney At Law Magazine)
  • 70.7% of lawyers will respond to a potential lead within an hour (Attorney At Law Magazine)

Marketing Statistics for Legal Specialties

  • There has been a 29% increase in organic traffic for business law (FirstPageSage)
  • Criminal defense attorneys have an average annual SEO spend of $165,000 (FirstPageSage)
  • Family & estate attorneys will see a 7.1% visitor-to-lead conversion rate (FirstPageSage)
  • Personal injury law firms have a $620 cost per SEO lead (FirstPageSage)
  • It will take a business law firm 10 months to break even from their annual SEO spend (FirstPageSage)
  • Criminal defense law firms will allocate 50% of their marketing budget to SEO (FirstPageSage)
  • Business law firms will allocate only 5% of their budget to social (FirstPageSage)

Get Started with Marketing Your Law Firm

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