35+ Stats and Facts on Columbus, OH

columbusColumbus, located in the heart of Ohio, is one of the most popular cities in the state. Which makes sense given it is the state’s capital! Here at Sixth City, we have nothing but love for Columbus, so we decided to compile the most recent statistics and facts for the lively city that you may want to know:

Columbus Population Statistics

  • The population of Columbus in 2024 is 917,811 people (World Population Review)
  • 51% of the population in Columbus is female, 49% is male (Neilsburg)
  • The biggest age group in Columbus are 25-29 year olds (Neilsburg)
  • The median age in the city is 32.5 years old (Neilsburg)
  • From 2010-2020, Columbus’ population grew by 115,324 people (Neilsburg)
  • 48% of the U.S. population lives within a 600-mile radius of Columbus (Travel Lemming)

Attraction Statistics

  • There are more than 100 restaurants in walking distance in downtown Columbus (Experience Columbus)
  • Each Saturday, more than 20 farmers are featured in The North Market (Experience Columbus)
  • Columbus’ Center of Science has more than 300 interactive exhibits (Experience Columbus)
  • The John Glenn Columbus International Airport has more than 150 flights departing every day (Experience Columbus)
  • The Greater Columbus Convention Center is 373,000 feet wide (Experience Columbus)
  • There are more than 20 Metro Parks in Columbus (Experience Columbus)
  • Columbus has 3 professional sports teams: the Columbus Crew, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Columbus Clippers (Experience Columbus)
  • The Anthony Thomas Candy Company makes 50,000 pounds of chocolate daily (Columbus Navigator)
  • The Parks of Roses has 350 types of roses, and over 11,000 bushes (Mental Floss)
  • There are 61 breweries in Columbus (CBUS Today)

Ohio State University Statistics

General Statistics on Columbus, Ohio

  • At the end of 2022, rent in Columbus, Ohio paid around $1,224 (Statista)
  • An average ride-share price to downtown Columbus is $25 (Experience Columbus)
  • The average salary in Columbus, OH is $64,639 (ZipRecruiter)
  • The unemployment rate is 2.70% in Columbus, OH (YCharts)
  • Columbus is the 14th largest city in the United States (Giordanos)
  • 5 Fortune 500 and 16 Fortune 1000 businesses are located in Columbus (Experience Columbus)

Other Fun Facts and Stats About Columbus, OH

  • There is a field of 109 concrete corn sculptures that measure 75 inches tall (Travel Lemming)
  • Oreo cookies were born in Columbus, OH (Redfin)
  • Ohio State’s tree, Buckeyes, can be found throughout Columbus (Redfin)
  • Abraham Lincoln was in Columbus, OH when he found out he was elected as president (Giordanos)
  • Popular chef and personality Guy Fieri was born in Columbus, OH (Mental Floss)
  • Every July, Columbus citizens celebrate the Doo Dah parade (Mental Floss)
  • From 1927-1939, Columbus was the city where the NFL headquarters was located (Travel Lemming)
  • Columbus is the headquarters of many well-known fashion companies such as DSW, Victoria’s Secret, and Abercrombie & Fitch (Rent)
  • Downtown, there is a bronze statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Rent)

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