Nursing Home Marketing Tips for 2024

nursing home marketing tips 2023

Marketing for nursing homes is continuing to evolve and it is essential to stay up to date on the latest trends.

A new year means you need to amp up your marketing strategy. Whether your goals are to gain traffic to your site, increase ROI, or even just continue to build brand awareness, your marketing efforts are key.

If you have a nursing home and are looking for marketing tips, you’re in luck. Check out how to enhance your marketing in 2024 with these tips from Sixth City!

How to Market Your Nursing Home Online

Write Blog Posts

Blogging can be vital for gaining traffic to your website. You may be wondering who would read a blog about an assisted living business, but there are at least two very important audiences. They include:

  • Potential Residents – To get a sense of offerings and to compare businesses, many seniors and their families often read industry-related posts. Providing a wide array of content can help show them your expertise and authority.
  • Search Engines – Search engines like Google “read” your post to establish keyword rankings. When you place keywords into pages with high-quality content, the search engines are more likely to display your pages to users, resulting in them finding your business instead of a competitor’s.

With these audiences in mind, don’t be afraid to get the ball rolling and type away. For nursing home marketing efforts, the topics for blogging are endless. Some suggestions on blog topics include:

  • Location – Consider where you are located. What are the “hotspots” around you? Write about the best places to eat or the biggest tourist attractions.
  • Seasons – If a new season is approaching, write about the festivities your nursing home holds. Incorporate the nearest holiday events and family activities worth taking part in.
  • Special events – Posting about special events not only bring more awareness to your company but allows you to highlight your services, amenities, and residents. Senior citizens always participate in fun and interesting activities, so showcase that fact!
  • Community members – Show off your brand by writing about those who are at the center of it all. Do a member spotlight where you give highlights of their life!

Now that you have ideas on the things to write about, consider where to post them!

You can either incorporate these blogs into a section on your own site or pitch them out to industry-related publications, often getting links back. By doing so, you gain more traffic to your website!

Getting Linked on Directories

Another tip for digital marketing nursing homes is to get listed in industry directories. According to Google, 80% of consumers in the United States find local businesses through search engines.

Since search engines and the internet are so prevalent in society today, you want your nursing home to be easily discovered online. Online directories are the perfect way to do just that! The benefits of online directories include:

  • Targeted search – Users typically search a directory looking for a specific category or location. Having your business listed on one can increase the visibility of your site, ultimately generating leads.
  • A trusted source – The link you receive from a reputable online directory is high quality and trusted. These directories are usually high-authority sites which can only increase your overall domain authority as well.
  • Cost-effectiveness – The majority of these online directories will allow you to submit your nursing home’s business information for free.

Online directories can play a key factor in your nursing home digital marketing plan, so take advantage.

Stay Active on Social Media

Like online directories, social media has an important place online with the variety of channels and applications available.

Increasing your social media presence, engaging with your audience, and posting quality content is the next thing to do for your nursing home marketing efforts.

According to HubSpot, spending just six hours of time on social media per week can increase lead generation by around 66%. Here’s how we recommend you spend that time:

  • Curating great social content – Think about your brand values. Communicate these messages through consistent captions, photos, videos, stories, and more. Write valuable information for potential customers.
  • Promotion – Social media is a great way to share your website and market your business. Promote your nursing home community with what makes you stand out. Share insight on your business to generate leads back to your site.
  • Track competitors – I am sure your biggest competitors are active on their social media. It’s important to keep an eye on what’s working and what’s not for them. Learn from them!
  • Engage with followers – It is so important to gain relationships with your followers. Respond to comments and follow people back. Gathering these relationships builds a feeling of trust for your company.
  • Improve communication – Social media is quick and users check it regularly. If you need to communicate something fast, social media marketing is a perfect tool. This speed could make your message that much more effective!

As you can see, using social media platforms as part of your assisted living marketing strategy can be greatly beneficial.

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