Recent Changes to Local Service Ads, AdSense, and More Core Updates

Just like SEO, the PPC world has undergone some recent changes. And while many of our blog posts lately have been focused on organic search, we know it’s important to report on other changes that could impact your marketing strategy too. Let’s take a look at what we know.

What’s Changed for Local Services Ads

Currently, around 70 business types qualify for LSAs, including legal professionals and home service providers such as plumbers, HVAC, roofers, and more. Recently, those in the local marketing community noticed some major changes to how LSAs appear in search results. Joy Hawkins wrote about these changes, highlighting two major changes:

  • Previously, three ads would appear for local services on desktop. This has recently decreased to two. However, three still appear on mobile devices.

LSA updates

(Source: Sterling Sky Inc)

  • Google is also rotating what ads display more often, which is evening out the playing field for more businesses. In the past, accounts with a stronger ad history would dominate the top three results.

What’s Changed for Google AdSense

If you aren’t familiar with the program, AdSense allows publishers to earn money by displaying ads on their sites. You’ve likely Google AdSense text, image, and video ads while browsing sites online. Google representatives recently announced that AdSense users will now be paid per ad impression, instead of per click, which means those who are a part of the program will see an increase in revenue.

However, if you are an advertiser on Google, don’t worry! You will not be charged more for this change, per Google’s Ad Liaison.

Also New: November Core Update

Our recent blogs have focused heavily on the various updates that Google has released in the past few months. And just when we thought the updates were over, we were wrong. On November 2, Google announced another core update. They specified in a blog post that this core update targets a different system than the one that was the focus in October.

However, their guidance for navigating this core update is still the same. They also announced that they would soon be rolling out a reviews update and that moving forward they will no longer be announcing updates to their review system.

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