How Did October’s Updates Impact Search?

In our recent post, we explained how Google had released two more updates in October, a spam update, and a broad core update. Both of these updates had concluded their rollout as of October 20.

Now that they have finished rolling out, lets step back and take a look at the data.

How Impactful Were These Updates?

According to Semrush’s sensor, and screenshots provided by Search Engine Land, here is a comparison of the October core update versus the core update we had in August:

semrush sensor

As you can see above, the August core update was steadily volatile, while the October core update was much more of a roller coaster.

What Industries Were Impacted the Most?

This graphic from Semrush breaks down what specific niches saw the most fluctuations in traffic and rankings, with arts, entertainment, and shopping being the biggest victims, while health and real estate were the least impacted:

semrush sensor

What to Do If You Were Affected

Here is some general advice for websites who have seen drops in the past month or what to prepare for future updates:

  • Make sure you are frequently updating your site with fresh content to signal to search engines you are tending to your website.
  • Prioritize creating high-quality content from authors who have first-hand experience and expertise in the subject.
  • Ensure you aren’t stuffing keywords on your pages and that your copy doesn’t come off as too sales-y.
  • Continue to obtain links from websites that are relveant to your company and are viewed as trustworthy in the eyes of Google.
  • Make improvements to your website to better the user experience, this includes optimizing images, improving load times, and more.

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