3 Convincing Case Studies for B2B Industrial Marketing for 2024

When you are researching a big investment, reviews are usually one of the top things consumers care about. But when it comes to services such as marketing, case studies are one of the most effective ways to learn the value of who you are choosing to invest in, especially for B2B companies.

Here are some of our B2B case studies for industrial companies that may sell you on investing in digital marketing services in 2024!

Complete Metal Parts Producer Increased Conversion Rates by 3%

What we did:

  • Specialized search engine optimization for manufacturers.
    • We dug into their main products and what customers referred to them online, how and who was searching for them, and the types of applications the machines were being used for.
    • We concluded that their main product offering, snap buttons, produced the most traffic and opportunities, and then optimized appropriately.
  • Design for conversion and increased optimization.
    • When they started working with us, getting more conversions was top of mind. And their current page design was holding them back. So we identified their product pages as the place to start changing to add an enhanced “call to action”.
    • Adding additional product photos and videos was also a part of the plan to help build trust and influence conversions.

What they got in return:

  • Increased visits per month from 1,362 to 2,910 (114%)
  • Increased leads from 21 to 135 (543%)
  • Improved conversion rates from 1.54% to 4.6%

Plastics Machinery Sellers Gained 632% More Traffic

What we did:

  • Implemented content marketing with a focus SEO.
    • We determined how ideal customers looked for the company’s products through keyword research.
    • We then added strategic keywords throughout their copy and metadata.
    • Lastly, we both wrote new content to target specific keywords as well as optimized existing page copy.
  • Refreshed their site design with conversion in mind.
    • We redesigned product pages to have a strong call-to-action and a more visually friendly look that enticed users.
  • Took control of their PPC campaign management.
    • We took over the management of their PPC campaigns and made tweaks to help reduce cost per lead, and from our changes, we also increased leads.

What they got in return:

  • Monthly visits increased from 1,142 to 1,464 (28%)
  • Monthly traffic from organic increased from 77 to 564 (632%)
  • Monthly online leads increased from 17 to nearly 40 (129%)

Industrial Laser Marketing Manufacturer Boosted Leads by Over 300%

What we did:

  • Applied a custom industrial SEO strategy with proven tactics that help their niche.
    • Started with keyword, competitor, and backlink research to see what opportunities were available to improve.
    • Crafted a content marketing plan for the website and social media centered on high-quality and informational content.
  • Redesigned their website in WordPress with a focus on conversion.
    • Created a simple design with strong calls to action.
    • Consolidated information to improve user experience.
  • Implemented data tracking in Google Analytics.
    • Configured goal tracking to ensure forms were being counted as conversions in their account.
    • Cleaned up various other areas of their analytics profile.

What they got in return:

  • Overall traffic improved 402%
  • Traffic from search engines improved 540%
  • Monthly leads improved 314%

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