10 ChatGPT Alternatives to Help Assist Your Marketing Strategy

Updated February 21, 2024

While ChatGPT is undoubtedly the most popular AI chat tool, it is not the only one out there. And if you haven’t fallen in love with ChatGPT, one of the following platforms may be a better fit for your needs to amplify your digital marketing initiatives.

10 Other AI Tools You Should Try


Gemini (formerly Bard), a free product from Google, is the AI machine learning tool that has been rolled out into the company’s forthcoming generative search that we discussed in previous posts. And given that it will be some time until SGE rolls out, users can work with the tool themselves in the meantime in the same fashion as ChatGPT.

Bing Chat

Uniquely made for Microsoft users, Bing Chat is an AI tool built into the Edge sidebar. It allows you to ask complex questions, assists you in creative research, and can rewrite copy. Given that it is incorporated into the browser itself, users will not need to switch between tabs to continue the conversation.


If you have felt disappointed in some of the responses you have gotten from ChatGPT, you should give Claude a try. Claude is said to produce more accurate answers and is easier to converse with. This means it will take less time and effort to get your desired answer.


Built to address the limitations of ChatGPT, Chatsonic can not only produce text results but can create AI images as well. It even allows you to select different personas for its responses, such as that of a math teacher, interviewer, translator, or even comedian.


If you believe that not having access to Photoshop, or the skills to operate it, may be what is keeping your brand’s photos from succeeding, CreatorKit is for you. With this tool, you can add photo backgrounds, visual effects, and animations to help your product photos stand out.


Want to grow your social following but don’t have the time to write? Enter Flick. Unlike other AI tools, Flick brands itself as being like hiring a seasoned marketer that crafts highly personal posts and captions.


You is an AI-powered search engine that includes a chatbot to assist you in your research. Alongside regular search results, it also allows you to browse images, videos, and news, and even map results. On top of that, it also prides itself on not including any ads.


As one of the more popular AI tools for marketers, Jasper helps you craft on-brand content for your website. One of the benefits of Jasper is that it allows you to create content templates that your team can access to ensure your brand voice is not lost as others jump in to help.


Along with their tools for quickly correcting grammar and tone, and suggesting sentence improvements, Grammarly recently launched a generative AI assistant called GrammarlyGo. This tool integrates with platforms such as Gmail to help you craft emails, LinkedIn messages, and more.


This interesting tool allows you to create hundreds of personalized emails within minutes. It is a great way to automate your outreach efforts for not only email marketing initiatives but also link building as well.

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