Are You Prepared for the Switch to Google Analytics 4?

Universal Analytics Will Soon Be Gone, and Here Is How You Can Get Ready for GA4

A little over a year ago, in March 2022, Google made the big announcement that they would be phasing out Universal Analytics (UA) in a push to have users switch over to GA4.

Now, we are near the finish line as UA properties will stop collecting data on July 1. Here is how to check that your GA4 property has everything it needs to be as close to matching UA’s functionality as possible.

4 Things to Check Before June Ends

Your GA4 Setup Checklist

In your new GA4 account, be sure to complete everything within the Setup Assistant found in the admin area of your account.

ga4 setup

Going through these steps will ensure that the account has everything it needs to collect data properly.

Conversion Tracking

In order to track goals, such as form submissions, you will need to set up custom conversions in your account. While many different event actions will automatically be tracked in your profile, remember that you will need to set up destination goal events yourself. You can reference our blog post with steps on how to do this.

Connections to Other Platforms

Most of us have connected our Google Analytics to various platforms over the years as we signed up for them. But now, it’s important to retrace your steps and confirm that these third-party platforms are all sending data to your new GA4 property.

Some services you may need to consider checking include:

Custom Reports

In GA4, you can create a custom report for just about any data set you want to see at a quick glance. Some things we recommend looking into creating include:

Once you create a new report, be sure to add it to an existing or new collection so the reports are easily findable and accessible to anyone monitoring the data in your profile.

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