15 of the Best Bars, Breweries, and Alike in Houston

Best bar in HoustonIf you are looking for a bar, brewery, winery, cocktail bar, or more in the Houston area, our team at Sixth City Marketing has compiled a list of 15 definitive places you should try with your friends and family! Whether you are looking for a quick happy hour or a spot to host a private event, learn more from our informative Houston guide today.

1. Heights & Co.

Heights & Co. is perfect for those looking for an intimate and more sophisticated drink and dining experience. That includes a diverse charcuterie selection, draft beers, and wines based on your preference.

Additionally, this business includes a full brunch, as well as signatures and seasonal cocktails, like the negroni, different daiquiris, spritzes, and even a drink called “The Mini Hulk Smash.”

2. EZ’s Liquor Longue

EZ’s Liquor Longue prides itself on the motto “Open until we’re closed.” With a hometown, dive bar feel to this spot, the menu includes a variety of domestic and craft beers, as well as fun cocktails like the “Hillbilly Highball,” “Nitro Irish Coffee,” “Ranch Water,” and even the “Slurrrrricane!”

All drinks can be paired with delicious sharable appetizers, crunchy tacos, or even their signature chili to your liking.

3. Dean’s

Known for its appreciation for Houston’s rich history, Dean’s is the place to be for specialty drinks in an authentic location.

Built originally in 1893, the bar is keeping Houston tradition while showcasing some of the city’s most unique cocktails. Stop by to try out Dean’s specials, such as “Dean’s Lean,” “The Delinquent,” and “Southern Ghost.” Also, try popular mixtures such as their old fashion and whiskey neat.

4. Under the Volcano

This craft cocktail bar is actually named after Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano. Latin American flavors and freshly-sources herbs and juices make up each of the cocktails as people are encouraged to enjoy their handmade drinks.

Additionally, Under the Volcano’s menu includes live music every Wednesday evening, some frozen cocktail options, as well as a full coffee cocktail menu!

5. Little Woodrow’s

Little Woodrow’s can be considered the ultimate patio bar. With popular amenities, such as large TVs, outdoor furniture, and games for you to choose from. From the games that they offer, like darts, giant Jenga and Connect Four, beer pong, corn hole, and more, this bar is the perfect environment for large gatherings and parties with families and friends.

On top of that, from NFL to UFC, sports lovers will never miss a game, matchup, or event at this bar.

6. Social Beer Garden

Looking for craft beer and cocktails, as well as live events in the Houston area? If so, Social Beer Garden can offer all three and more.

Voted the best happy hour in Houston’s Midtown (which is until 7 p.m.), their entire drink menu includes offerings for anyone. On top of that, Social Beer Garden also includes free games nights, fajita and movie nights, trivia, open mic comedy nights, and drag shows! Food trucks and pizza are also on the site daily as well for anyone also looking to grab a bite to eat.

7. Ingenious Brewing Company

With “Ales for the open-minded,” Ingenious Brewing Company goes above and beyond with its beers. If you are in the mood for a fruited sour, a pastry IPA, or even a milkshake IPA, this brewery dares you to go the distance and try some of the delicious flavors you might not find anywhere else.

Though their taps are constantly changing with their small-batch beer creations, trust that you will find a little bit of everything at this unique establishment.

8. Stella’s Wine Bar

Stella’s Wine Bar is located in The Post Oak Hotel of Uptown Houston. With around 60 different offerings by the glass, this establishment includes offering from around the world for a variety of different pallets.

If you are looking for a unique wine experience, Stella’s Wine Games is also offered on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. for those wanted to learn how to blind-taste test different wines like a professional, as well as enjoy a quick bite throughout the session.

9. Julep

Julep is a cocktail bar based in Houston best known for its global creations. Their style of cocktail encapsulates the diverse cultures of the city of Houston, as well as the backgrounds and experiences of its own staff.

Additionally, Julep offers a cocktail cookbook that features 15 bar snack recipes, as well as 65 cocktail recipes for the curious mind to try in the comfort of their own home!

10. City Orchard

If you are looking for real craft cider based in the Houston area, you should visit City Orchard! Tapping into the deep roots of the apple country of Lake Ontario, cider culture has since been brought to the south for people to enjoy.

Even though City Orchard is most known for their cider, they also make beer to ensure that there is a drink for anyone and everyone to enjoy!

11. Winnie’s

Winnie’s is best known for their fancy sandwiches and signature cocktails, such as house cocktails, frozen drinks, and more, in Midtown. Whether you want to enjoy an intimate moment in one of our indoor booths, or even bring your dog and enjoy the nice weather on the patio, the atmosphere is perfect to share with others.

If you are looking to host a private event at their establishment, or even get catering for a special occasion, they can do that as well!

12. The Toasted Coconut

If you are looking for an island getaway in the Houston area, The Toasted Coconut is the cocktail restaurant for you. The real question is: Do you wanna get toasted?

Along with its all-day menu that features breakfast foods, salads, burgers, and other delicious specialties, The Toasted Coconut offers unique cocktail offerings, such as “Ocean Water,” “Painkilla,” “Zombie,” and even “The Toasted Coconut” itself! So, come enjoy some signature bites and drinks with friends and family at their establishment.

13. Nice Winery

Made up of a dedicated team of individuals, Nice Winery includes hand-crafted wines that are both sustainably farmed and harvested from vineyards in California, Argentina, Washington, and Texas! On top of a fine dining experience, individuals have the perks of joining monthly or winemakers clubs based on their specific wine preferences.

Additionally, the winery hosts a variety of wine classes for anyone looking for a unique experience with friends and family in the Houston area!

14. Pur Noire

As Houston’s first Black-Owned winery and tasting room, Pur Noire is an urban winery dedicated to both focus and high-quality creations. On top of its grand wine tastings, the winery also includes a coveted wine club in the Houston area, as well as nationwide.

The Houston location even includes “Sax and the City Saturdays,” a guided wine tour experience that includes a life saxophone experience to further add to the ambiance.

15. White Rhino

White Rhino is best known for its refreshing drinks that accompany its welcoming atmosphere and live events and music. Whether you are enjoying a bite with friends or snapping photos on the patio, enjoy small bites and refreshing drinks from the local Houston area.

Different than most Houston bars, White Rhino is known for the work that they do to give back. With the decline of the species that carries the cocktail bar’s namesake, the business’s mission is to donate some of its proceeds to white rhino conservation efforts.

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