15 of the Best Bars, Breweries, and More in Indianapolis

best of IndianapolisInterested in finding a spot perfect for you and your friends? Indianapolis is home to a wide variety of custom bars and breweries to choose from. We’ve put together 15 of the best bars and breweries that you will want to visit during your next outing!

1. Chilly Water Brewing Company

Chilly Water Brewing Company’s love of music is shown through the companies branding, making evident in their beer names along with regularly having live performers. They serve 12 beers on tap ranging from seasonal beers to yearlong ones as well.

2. Fountain Square Brewing

Fountain Square Brewing has many beers on tap also serves tastes flights you won’t want to miss out on. They pride themselves on keeping the tradition alive with local creative individual performers. There roster fills up fast with singers, poets, comedians, drag, and so much more!

3. Bier Brewery

Bier Brewery, is a family owned and operated brewery since 2010 that is dedicated to offering quality beer that is well balanced and great tasting. Awarded the Indiana Brewers Cup Champion in both 2011 and 2012, Bier Brewery loves making beer in a clean facility, even the water that it used to brew is conditioned thoroughly. Biers are offered in a variety of six packs available at local Indy retail locations.

4. Daredevil Brewing Company

Daredevil Brewing Company beautiful facility can be found in Speedway offering some of the best IPAs in the market through the tremendous success of their Lift Off IPA in the Indy area. You can grab a six-pack of the Lift Off IPA at any local liquor store. What people might not know is Daredevil Brewing Company is home to one of the most diverse German-style lager programs in the United States. The love for traditional German-style lagers stems from the owner’s German family backgrounds.

5. Metazoa Brewing Company

Metazoa Brewing Company also known as the “animal brewery” in Indy has continuously been donating 5% of their profits to animal and wildlife foundations. Metazoa also allows all pets to their brewery and are the only brewery with a dog park. What’s great about Metazoa is they have a large outdoor seating area with a great sunset view of the city. Old Gold Barbecue food truck is also available for food or customers have the option of bringing their own while at the brewery.

6. Indiana City Brewing Company

Indiana City Brewing Company is located in the historic Bottling House of the former Home Brewing Company on the east side of the city and has become a hotspot for many. They are dedicated in serving the freshest and finest ingredients with each beer brewed to the highest standards.

7. Black Acre Brewing Company

Located in Irvington, Black Acre Brewing Company came to fruition when a group of friends decided to brew beer instead of becoming lawyers. They love to experiment, and continuously change their brew menu. Keep in mind there is a very high chance you will not have the same beer twice, even if you went every day. Black Acre Brewing is the perfect casual blue-jeans place to visit for all beer lovers out there!

8. Centerpoint Brewing Company

Centerpoint Brewing Company’s name comes from an engineering background focusing on producing approachable beer customers will enjoy. What they mean by this is they create beers with full flavors, with the intention of reaching people who both love the taste of beer or just sip on occasion. They offer an extensive menu with many beers and flavors to choose from!

9. Guggman Haus Brewing Company

Family owned and operated, Guggman Haus Brewing Company came to life when identical twin sisters and their husbands sought out an opportunity. One sister Courtney Guggenberger and husband Derek spent time living in Germany while Abby Gorman and husband Ryan lived in Denver. The couples share a love for exploring new cultures, being with a community, outdoors, and most importantly craft beer. The name Guggman Haus is a combination of the sisters last names along with haus meaning house in Germany. This represents Guggman Haus Brewing to be an additional home and community they love.

10. St. Joseph Brewery

St. Joseph Brewery located in a former Catholic Church serves customers great beer and food plus a full stocked bar. The beers offered at St. Josephs are all named after religious themes and is brewed on the land of the old church.

11. The Tap

With multiple locations across Indiana, The Tap is one of the best craft beer bars that will have something you’ll like! They are home to 90 taps and has over 400 bottles of best craft beers to choose from importing from regional and internationally.

12. Wiseguy Lounge

The speakeasy Wiseguy Lounge is found inside of Goodfellas Pizzeria, which we know might be hard to find at times. Walking in you will immediately experience the calm low lighting relaxing atmosphere decorated with rich leather sofas and dark wood. The Wiseguy Lounge represents the roaring twenties era with a modern twist and a well-dressed crew.

13. Nicky Blaines

Nicky Blaines, also known as the “Original Retro Bar” in Indy was also named one of the Best Martini Bar and Cigar Lounges. This bar offers a wide selection of martinis, scotch, and a variety of cigars to choose from. The name of the bar, Nicky Blaines comes from the love of movie influencers and good rhythm. They wanted to target both men and women and thought Nicky was the perfect first name, while the last name comes from Humphrey Bogart’s character in Casablanca.

14. Parlor Public house

Opened in 2021, Parlor Public House is locally owned offering customers craft coffees and cocktails day and night. This spot is the perfect combination for work and play promoting no laptops after 7 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

15. Red Key Tavern

Red Key Tavern, a local cash-only bar with one of the best atmospheres in Indy offers a casual and fun environment for friends to pay a visit and leave knowing new friends. They supply customers with beer, wine, and liquor options, so you can order whatever you want.

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