14 of the Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Indianapolis

best coffee shops in IndianapolisIn need of a new go-to cafe and coffee shop in Indianapolis? What’s so special about cafes and coffee shops is that they bring people around the community together, providing comfortable and cozy spaces to be a part of. Indianapolis is home to many unique and notable local spots that we know you will love!

Furthermore, look at 14 of the best cafe and coffee shops mentioned in no particular order that you might want to consider for your next coffee run!

1. Coat Check Coffee

Tucked away in the historic Athenaeum, find this modern coffee shop spaciously broken up among two levels. Coat Check Coffee is the perfect place to get some work done and try a signature butterscotch latte.

2. Brickhouse Coffee Co.

Brickhouse Coffee Co. is a favorite among small-batch artisan coffee brewers in the local Indy area. With stunning, modern brick-and-mortar locations as well as a strong online presence, Brickhouse is the perfect spot for you and your friend’s next coffee outing.

3. Bee Coffee Roasters

Bee Coffee Roasters has become a quick hit in the Indy coffee scene with two locations also being served at local farmers markets! When you visit Bee Coffee Roasters, make sure to walk away with a lavender cappuccino and some fresh beans to make at home.

4. Tinker Coffee Co.

With two prime locations in downtown Indianapolis, this specialty roastery may not be your typical modern cafe. Tinker Coffee will surely impress, bringing in a variety of blends from around the world to suit anyone’s taste buds.

5. Bovaconti Coffee

New to the Indianapolis area, Bovaconti Coffee is bringing traditional but bold Spanish flavors to a neighborhood near you. Bovaconti Coffee shop is a beautiful place to enjoy a cup of joe in the quickly developing Fountain Square.

6. Milktooth

Established in 2014, Milktooth has been serving up local brews using fresh produce grown in Indiana. At Milktooth you can find teas, expressos, coffee, and even cocktails that are sure to stand out.

7. Amberson Coffee

Taking a sustainable approach to their brewing, Amberson Coffee brings a fresh alternative to Indy coffee lovers inspired by their high service ideals. Amberson Coffee also has local groceries and other goods, making them a true one-stop shop in town.

8. Monon Coffee Co.

Monon Coffee Co. is conveniently placed right along the Monon trail and has served up delicious coffee since 1997. Stop in and grab a white zombie or a loco moco freeze, you won’t regret it!

9. Hubbard & Cravens

With multiple locations across the Indy area, Hubbard & Cravens is quickly becoming a local favorite. In business since 1991, these craft coffee brewers focus on using arabica coffees and the highest quality tea that are sure to delight.

10. Quills Coffee

Located in the Canal District, Quills Coffee focuses on ethically sourced coffee and excellent seasonal blends that are sure to impress. Sit over at the brew bar and have one of the baristas build you a craft brew!

11. Georgia Street Grind

As you stroll through downtown and need to get your caffeine fix, Georgia Street Grind is the place for you. Given they only purchase their brews from local roasters, they are a great local business to support. From cold brews to cappuccinos, or even hot chocolate, they have something for everyone.

12. Calvin Fletchers Coffee Company

Calvin Fletchers Coffee Company is a family-owned and operated nonprofit serving up a tremendous local coffee experience since 2009. Be sure to get the signature Fletcher Place blend or walk away with a Spicy Calvin Pepper.

13. Ice House Coffee Roasters

Located in the historic Irvington district, Ice House Coffee Roasters is always innovating with exciting new flavors and offerings! With roasts to make the whole family happy, Ice House is the perfect place to visit for your next cup.

14. Parlor Public House

Whether it’s night or day, Parlor Public House serves up unique craft coffees and cocktails alike. Located right on the east side of downtown Indy, this around-the-clock spot makes for a great date or solo drop-in destination.

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