18 of the Best Spots to Check Out in Pittsburgh

best of PittsburghWhether you call Pittsburgh home or you’re in town visiting for a long weekend, knowing the best spots to go to is crucial in making the most of all that the city has to offer.

We did some of the research for you and compiled a list of the top 18 most popular places to visit in Pittsburgh. Hit up a few of these iconic spots and “yinz” will be sure to have a memorable time in the Steel City.

Best Restaurants, Eateries, and Alike

1. Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

Known as one of the best authentic Thai restaurants in Pittsburgh, Nicky’s Thai Kitchen is what many locals consider a hidden gem. Not only will your taste buds be taking a trip across the ocean, but you’re guaranteed to let your mind travel as well. A private patio tucked behind the building is filled with tables wedged between green foliage and large statues to further enhance your dining experience.

2. Di Anoia’s Eatery

Cacio e Pepe, meatballs, and stuffed shells are all just some of the classic Italian dishes you can find on the menu at Di Anoia’s Eatery. But there is a must-try dish for any first-timers – the Gnocchi Sorrentina bread bowl. Including all homemade ingredients, this dish will have you satisfied after every bite. Not only does it taste good, but it’s also Instagram-worthy. Remember, the phone eats first.

3. The Pittsburgh Juice Company

Whether you are looking for a systemic way to reset your body or are craving a nutrient-packed drink after Saturday morning yoga, The Pittsburgh Juice Company has just the thing for you. The menu offers a variety of highly nutritious and delicious juice flavors including Cashew Mocha, Turmeric Lemonade, and Strawberry Fields. Perfect for anyone looking for a juice cleanse!

4. Burgatory

With nine locations in the greater Pittsburgh area, you’re guaranteed to be within driving distance of one of the best burger joints in town. Meat options at Burgatory include hormone-free beef, chicken, bison, wagyu, and elk, and you can choose from over 50 custom toppings on the build-your-own burger (BYOB) menu. Still room for more? Burgatory’s spun-to-order milkshakes will have you wishing you ordered dessert first.

5. Fl. 2

Located in The Fairmont hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, Fl. 2 embraces the continuously growing city with a stylish aesthetic and modern American dishes. As the main focal point, they present an oval bar with a liquor display suspended from the ceiling that makes the smaller space look grand. It’s a perfect spot for after-work happy hours, date night, or catching up with old friends.

6. Coop De Ville

Part of the Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group, Coop De Ville is one of the newer establishments to find its way into the city’s bustling strip district. The fast-casual restaurant features southern classic food and doubles as an entertainment space.

Filled with over 50 vintage arcade games and pinball machines and a line of duck-pin bowling lanes, it’s fun for all ages. Grab some food and a custom cocktail from the Tiki Trailer while showing off your game skills.

7. Walters Southern Kitchen

Who says you need to travel south to enjoy good BBQ? Walters Southern Kitchen is noted as one of the best spots in Pittsburgh to enjoy a hearty and smoked meal. A large turf patio wraps around the front of the venue and is lined with picnic tables and outdoor games, making this a particularly great meeting spot for large groups. Walters brings the essence of a family BBQ to life – good food, cold beer, and friendly company. Plus, it’s dog-friendly, so don’t forget to bring your pooch!

Best Bars, Breweries, and Everything In-Between

8. Il Tetto

Sienna Mercato is a multi-level restaurant where each different floor offers a unique menu and experience, and is home to one of the best bars in town. Il Tetto, which means “the rooftop” in Italian, is located on the highest level of Sienna Mercato and overlooks a portion of the Pittsburgh skyline. The space has a retractable glass ceiling allowing the venue to remain open all year long, making it an excellent spot for a nightcap after hitting the town.

9. Grist House

What’s better than a local brewery with good beer? A local brewery with good beer that allows dogs! Grist House is a popular spot for Pittsburgh natives due to its welcoming and dog-friendly atmosphere. A rotating food truck can be found in the beer garden and every once in a while, you’ll get lucky and catch some live music. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon beer with family, friends, and your pup.

10. Cinderlands Beer Co.

With three different locations across the city, Cinderlands is quickly becoming a familiar and favorite brewpub with locals. The original brick-and-mortar location can be found in Lawrenceville, with other brewery locations popping up in the strip district and Pine Township. With over a dozen craft brews on tap at any given time, Cinderlands is a great refreshment pit-stop as you stroll the streets of lower Lawrenceville.

11. McFadden’s

Located within walking distance to Heinz Field, PNC Park, and Stage AE, McFadden’s Saloon is a perfect spot to grab a drink before catching a game or dancing the night away at an outdoor concert. With awesome happy hour deals and a lively night scene, McFadden’s is a fun spot to throw a few drinks back any time of the day.

12. Tequila Cowboy Bar & Grill

Perhaps the most quintessential bar in Pittsburgh’s North Shore district, Tequila Cowboy covers the gamete when it comes to themed bars. Under one roof, sound-proof rooms separate a ’90s bar and kitchen, a karaoke stage, and a country-themed bar equipped with a mechanical bull. Bounce around from room to room for a memorable night without ever having to go outside!

13. Hidden Harbor

True to its name, Hidden Harbor is a secret oasis tucked away in Pittsburgh Squirrel Hill district. With a menu full of exotic cocktails and tropical plates, Hidden Harbor is a great spot to escape the winter weather or cool down in the summer with a refreshing drink served in a Tiki glass. If you can recruit a couple of willing friends, there are a few shareable drink options on the menu served in giant conch shells that are totally picture worthy.

Best Markets, Museums, and Attractions

14. Wholey’s Market

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Strip District, Wholey’s Market offers some of the freshest seafood in the area. Even if you don’t need to do some grocery shopping, Wholey’s Market is a fun place to walk around because of its eclectic food offerings. Be sure to stop in on the third Saturday of every month for a free cooking class or to watch the chef’s filet in real time!

15. Andy Warhol Museum

The life of Andy Warhol is meticulously displayed in this 7-story museum located in Pittsburgh, which happens to be his birthplace. While it is highly recognized for its iconic Campbell’s Soup Can painting, the Andy Warhol Museum displays the largest collection of Warhol’s artwork and is one of the largest single-artist museums in North America. Spend a couple of hours learning and walking in the footsteps of one of the most recognizable Pittsburgh art legends.

16. Mattress Factory

Contradictory to its name, The Mattress Factory has nothing to do with beds or sleeping. The Mattress Factory is a contemporary art museum that has housed more than 750 exhibits over the past 45 years and is constantly cycling in new displays. Artists that occupy the space focus on site-specific art installations that offer an immersive experience for anyone who visits. Popular artists who have filled the space at The Mattress Factory include Yayoi Kusama, Benjamin Sota, and Jennifer Angus.

17. Phipps Conservatory

Escape the concrete jungle and head over to greener pastures. Phipps Conservatory is located just outside of downtown Pittsburgh and is home to over 20 gardens and a captivating 14-room glasshouse. On top of their year-round greenery displays, Phipps also has various seasonal exhibits, including a holiday light festival, so you’re always guaranteed to experience something new.

18. Jam on Walnut

In the summertime, once a month, you can find the normally busy streets of Pittsburgh’s Shady Side neighborhood closed off for a live music block party. Come grab a drink from one of the many pop-up beer tents and sway back and forth to the tunes from a local band. Not to mention, money from food and beverage sales go directly to a local non-profit, Animal Friends, whose mission is to make sure all animal friends can live a humane and healthy life. Bonus: Admission is free!

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