Google Updates Wrapped 2022

Let’s Recap All the Updates Google Released This Year

google wrapped 2022

It’s that time of year again when SEOs, marketers, and business owners all plan for 2023 by taking a step back to see their analytics in the past 12 months.

And similarly to last December, we thought it would be helpful to give marketers a guide to reference as they analyze their yearly data to see if they were impacted by any of the major updates Google made to their new and current ranking systems.

List of All of Google’s Updates in 2022

Be sure to bookmark Google’s list of search updates where they announce new releases as well as when certain updates conclude.

Reminder on Ranking Updates vs. Systems

If you missed our previous post, Google recently published a helpful guide to their ranking systems, and clarified some commonly used language about search updates:

“In the past, the term “update” has often been used as the name of a particular ranking system, especially when a new system has been introduced. For example, our system to measure page experience was called the “page experience update” and more recently, our system that evaluates the helpfulness of content was called the “helpful content update“. 

This can be confusing when we make improvements to systems, especially if a system is constantly operating like our helpful content system. A “helpful content update update” or an “update to our helpful content update” is difficult to say, much less understand!

Going forward, we’ll be more precise with our wording when differentiating systems from updates. Yes, we’ll still have things like a “helpful content update” or a “product reviews update”, but when possible we will explain those as updates to the respective systems, such as the “helpful content system” and the “product reviews system.” We’ll also be refreshing our help pages to reflect this terminology change, over time.”

Things to Read for 2023

As we enter the new year, these four articles can help you plan out your calendar:

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