Help Get Your GA4 Ready With These 3 Steps

With Less Than A Year Until GA4 Replaces UA, Users Should Consider Doing These Things to Enhance Their Account

Given it is now only a few months until 2023, before we know it, July will be here and that means that Universal Analytics (UA) will be no longer. For some time, we have known that Google Analytics 4 is going to replace UA, but many users have put off setting up accounts for various reasons.

Now with less than a year left, it is time you should consider fully setting up your GA4 account so next year, you will have data to compare to.

That being said, here are 3 different ways you can get your account in order:

Set Up Goal Tracking

Tracking goals is one of the most important components of Universal Analytics, and while it is not as easy to set up in GA4, having this data is crucial. Thankfully, we have created a handy guide to replicating destination goals for you to follow.

Connect Google Search Console

Google Search Console has always been a great resource for SEOs, as it gives great insights to things such as search terms, page speed, and more. Thankfully, GA4 recently has allowed users to connect their GSC account to GA4, just like UA. If you want help on how to do this, check out our recent blog post.

Create an SEO Landing Page Report

If you’ve been playing around with GA4 already, you’re probably already aware that it is quite a confusing interface and will take some time to get used to. Given that, easily accessing some of the data most important to you may take longer than usual. Thankfully, many SEOs have been diligent to share their tips and tricks to make it better, such as this SEO landing page report!

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