Google Shares How You Should Write Product Review Content

When shopping for products, we all know how beneficial it is when high-quality reviews are included. This may even be the determining factor if you buy or pass on the product. To ease the stress of product shopping, Google implemented several product review updates over the past couple of years that prioritizes informative product reviews to help users during the buying process for potential customers.

If you often write about product reviews on your website and looking to improve your content, keep on reading.

How You Should Write Product Reviews, According to Google

Executing high-quality product reviews allows potential customers to access critical information that can further educate them before they reach a purchase decision. By leveraging product review information, customers can more effectively browse among competitors and filter their product search to specifically fit their needs.

As a guide, Google states that your product reviews should include the following:

  • Look at the product through the lens of the consumer
  • Exemplify your knowledge and expertise on the product
  • Share actionable and calculated insights about the product
  • Elaborate on what makes the product standout amongst competitors
  • Explain why the product worked for your circumstances or suggest similar products that serve the same purpose
  • Discuss the pros and cons of the product based on your experience
  • Describe the products progression, comparing past makes and models (if applicable)
  • Take readers through your decision-making process when you were seeking out the product
  • Go beyond what the manufacturer says, covering any nuances, flaws, or drawbacks to be aware of when it comes to the design and limitations of the product
  • Insert links or other additional resources for readers to view alternatives or gain more product expertise

Often, product reviews utilize affiliate links leading to ecommerce websites. That way if a user finds a product review link useful, the reviewer can be rewarded by the seller. Be sure to keep in mind Google’s position on affiliate programs.

As a topline resource, product reviews can reveal the ultimate truth about products and allows customers to make a more honest purchase decision. When going to write a review, keep in mind the importance and potential impact you can have on those just being exposed to the product for the first time.

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