How to Get Google Search Console Data in GA4

With less than a year until Universal Analytics is depleted, Google is thankfully adding more ways for SEOs to ease into the transition by adding features that are helpful to their jobs.

Here is one great way to get more valuable SEO data in your GA4 account:

Sync Your Account with Google Search Console

Recently, Google added a GSC integration which will allow you to see more data pertaining to your appearance on search. It’s relatively easy to do if you follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the login you are using for GA4 is an admin or editor and also has access to the GSC property you want to connect
  2. Go to the Admin in the bottom left corner of the navigation panel
  3. In the middle “Property” column, scroll all the way down to “Product Links” and select Google Search Console
  4. Click the blue “Link” button on the top right and then “Choose Accounts” from the next screen
  5. Check the URL property you want to connect to GA4, then select “Confirm”
  6. Now, click the “Select” button next to Web Streams, then “Next”, select your website, and click “Next” again
  7. Review that the information selected is correct, then click “Submit”

Once you have successfully linked the two, you will now see a new section for Google Search Console under the reports section of GA4 like so:

gsc ga4

GSC is Connected, but No New Section is Showing?

Do not worry, we ran into this as well! If this new section doesn’t appear automatically, go to Reports -> Library and then look for “Search Console” under “Collections.”

Once located, click the three-dot menu on the right, and click “Publish.”

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