Google Releases Yet Another Product Reviews Update

On July 27, Google announced they were launching a product reviews update. Like most major Google updates, the PRU will take 2-3 weeks to completely roll out.

What We Know So Far

  • As advice for product review updates, Google has published a guide on how to write high-quality reviews
  • This is the second product review update we have seen in 2022, with the most recent update being in March
  • It also marks to be the fourth update pertaining to the subject since the first of its kind was released in April 2021
  • There also seems to be a new “reviews” feature on SERPs for queries that trigger ecommerce results that could pertain to this new update
  • Some SEO experts have already seen tremors and major drops in traffic and keyword positions, as seen below in Glenn Gabe’s tweet


What Google Says About Product Review Updates

Back when Google released the first product reviews update, they posted a blog post about what content creators should know about the update. In the article, they tell you to consider some of the following questions when evaluating reviews of your products:

  • Do they include expert knowledge?
  • Does it show the product, how it’s used, and other unique features?
  • Does it explain how and why it’s different from competitor products?
  • Does it compare and contrast the pros and cons of the product?

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