How Social Media Trends Can Influence Your SEO

Over the years, small and large businesses have learned they are able to grow their brands by participating in different social media trends. These trends give every business a chance to be seen and increase its following by attracting new viewers.

Whether it’s participating in the latest TikTok dance or adding in on the newest Instagram meme, brands that get involved are more likely to drive new traffic to their site and increase sales.

Let’s take a closer look at how getting involved with recent social media trends can influence your SEO.

How Brands Can Get Involved

There are many ways for businesses to pick up on new trends going on in the social world and make them their own. This has grown especially popular on TikTok where brands have started interacting with their customers that way.

Some beneficial trends to get your business involved with are:

Remake Content That’s Trending

Getting involved with relevant trends happening can help your brand create content users would like to see and engage with them. Since social media trends are always changing, it’s important to stay up to date and adapt along the way.

Collaborate with Influencers

This is a great way to get brand recognition among new audiences and different influencers. This usually pertains to the brands giving some incentive to the influencer they have chosen to work with. During the collaborations, the influencer is representing the company’s brand.

There are many ways influencers can create and post content for brands. Such as recommendations, promos, product reviews, or mentioning the brand briefly in some creative way.

Start Social Media Challenges

Social media challenges can be a great trial and error for a business thinking about future launches. They have the power to put together a challenge to see how well the content does and if your audience shows interest in the topic.

If your audience isn’t the biggest fan of your challenge, there’s no need to worry it’s just time to go back to the drawing board.

How it’s Connected to SEO

Since SEO results are a vital way for a business to grow, getting involved with the latest trends on your social media platforms will give your business leeway to be noticed.

Creating content that is useful for your audience and relates to them will point them toward sharing the posts with their own followers. Which will draw in a new audience linking back to the post. The content shared could lead to an increase in your site’s visibility and SEO ranking.

What some might not realize is the links you share across platforms can make a huge impact on a company’s search engine rankings. As time goes on the links start to add up and can affect SEO in many directions.

Links that build your brand can add up over time and can influence SEO by adding:

  • Brand awareness – This can be as simple as customers getting familiar with your brand online and then deciding to conduct searches on your business on different search engines or similar terms directed toward your brand.
  • Longer lifespan of posts – When your social media accounts start getting noticed, the trends or other posts uploaded on your accounts will receive more recognition and stay in consumers’ feeds longer than others.
  • New traffic – As your brand is getting noticed now this will lead to an increase in your site’s traffic and increase as well.
  • Local visibility – Continuously getting your brand noticed through different social media platforms can benefit your business locally. Consumers who are more local will start to pay more attention to your work and at times feel obligated to purchase from you.

The growing fame of social media trends can help businesses, especially small businesses hop on the trends and add their own spin to them. This will help receive recognition from some form of audience online with the hope of them sharing your material. As a result, growing your business even more.

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