GA4 Adds 3 New Reports for Marketers

Marketers Can Now Find These Useful Reports in Google Analytics 4

ga4 reportIn case you missed the news, earlier in the year Google announced that they are sunsetting Universal Analytics in July 2023, pushing marketers and website owners to transition to GA4, which was released in 2020.

And with their announcement came a flurry of feedback, mostly about all the features that GA4 is lacking. Thankfully, GA4 has a year to continue to add the features we all have come to know and love in UA.

As we wait for additional reports, here are 3 new ones to be excited about gaining.

Here is what they added:

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate in GA4 will be configured based on the conversions (or goals) you have set up in your account. You will also be able to see the session conversion rate, which is the percentage of sessions in which any conversion event was triggered.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate in GA4 measures the percentage of sessions on your site that were not engaged sessions. For example, if someone visits your website, reviews content on your homepage for only a few seconds then leaves, then their session will count as a bounce.

UTM Term and UTM Ad Content

The following new dimensions enable you to see the value assigned to the “utm_content” parameter across user and session scopes:

  • First user manual ad content
  • Session manual ad content

Additionally, the following dimensions enable you to see the value assigned to the “utm_term” parameter across user and session scopes:

  • First user manual term
  • Session manual term

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