Finding Local Businesses on Google Just Got Easier

At the end of February, it was discovered that there was a big update made to the map that displays in the local pack. Instead of being a static image, the map is now interactive:

interactive google map

(GIF from Whitespark)

How This Improves User Experience in Search

As you can see in the example above, users can now hover over other pins that are featured on the map, view a business’s name, and even check their reviews.

Alongside seeing more businesses and information, you are now also able to click and drag the map, and zoom in or out.

And if you click on a business or the ‘expand’ button in the upper right corner, you will be taken over to the local finder.

Now, legal teams, cleaning companies, landscapers, doctors, and other local companies are more visible to those who are seeking the services in the area, so it is more important than ever to use local SEO tactics to improve their presence.

Other Things to Know

  • Thankfully, the 3 businesses featured in the local pack remain unaffected, and tactics to improve your appearance in local search results remain the same.
  • Businesses should keep an eye on your insights from your GBP (Google Business Profile) to see if this update helps you get more website visits, or phone calls.
  • This update comes after Google redesigned the local pack map in December, and while the new design has not rolled out to all searches, it seems that the interactive map is showing for everyone.

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