Local Rankings Dropped? Check These 5 Things

Local citationsWhen your local keyword rankings drop, it can be very frustrating figuring out why, and you may not know where to start to solve it. Use this handy list of various things you can check to give you a better idea on how to bounce back.

5 Things You Should Evaluate

What Businesses Are Currently Ranking?

When you do a search for one of your keywords you have dropped for, pay attention to who is now in the top 3 in the local pack, and take a deeper dive into their profiles and website by evaluating the following:

  • How close are they to the area you want to rank in vs. your location?
  • How many reviews do they have? What is their average review rating?
  • Are they using keywords in their business name?
  • What type of content do they have on their website that is linked?
  • How many backlinks do they have? Do they have local links?

Keeping an eye on your local competition and tracking these types of things can help give you a better sense of how Google ranks business profiles.

Is Your Profile Being Filtered?

Something to also considered is that your profile is being filtered. For example, if you have more than one location in an area, Google could now be filtering out the profile you want to rank for the other if they deem it more relevant. In other cases, it could also be you are located in an office that also is being used by other competitors in your industry.

Did New Spam Sneak In?

As we mentioned earlier, checking for keywords being used in business names could be a huge indicator of why your rankings dropped. Thankfully, there is a way to alert Google of businesses spamming the maps and to get the extra keywords removed.

You can use our handy guide to spam submissions to get started.

What Justifications Are Being Shown the Most?

Justifications are special snippets of information Google pulls from a profiles reviews, posts, services, or even website. Based on what you see in search results, it could prompt you to:

  • Check what services you have in your GBP and add any more that you see competitors are using
  • Kindly ask customers to be specific when leaving reviews
  • Add posts more often
  • Check the copy on your website

Are Others Seeing Similar Shifts?

In some cases, what could be making your rankings fluctuate is an update from Google. Thankfully, you can use the Local Search Forum and even Twitter (try checking out what is new under the #localseo hashtag) to see what others in the local SEO community are talking about.

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