A Look Ahead at Updates Coming from Google in 2022

Mark Your Calendars for Google’s 2022 Updates

Google updates 2022In 2021, we experienced 9 major updates throughout the year. Given that, we can only expect Google to continue this effort. And to help marketers prepare for the new year, we figured this blog post could help.

Confirmed Changes We Know About

Here are the 3 updates we have heard word about so far:

Responsive Ads Replacing Extended Text Ads

In September, Google announced that in June 2022, RSAs will be the only ad type that advertisers will be able to create and edit, and extended text ads will no longer be available.

Page Experience Will Become a Ranking Factor on Desktop

Starting in February 2022, and wrapping up in March, Google is adding page experience ranking signals to desktop search. If you can recall, page experience became a ranking factor for mobile back in June 2021.

Third-Party Cookies Will Be Phased Out in 2022

As an update that was originally slated for February 2020, Google will be phasing out third-party cookies on Chrome browsers in efforts to enhance privacy. An article on the topic from HubSpot goes further into how the change can impact marketing data and more.

In Case You Missed It: A 2021 Timeline of Google’s Updates

In our blog post about the November Broad Core Update, we highlighted all the various changes marketers have faced from Google in the past year. Here are all the updates we endured:

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