Email Marketing Stats & Things to Keep in Mind for 2023

email marketing 2022As we have continued to navigate different circumstances over the past year, you may have experienced different highs and lows in your email marketing efforts.

And if you are looking for some inspiration to change your approach in 2023, keep on reading.

Recent Statistics on Email Marketing You Should Know

  • According to CoSchedule, Tuesday, then Thursday, are the best days to send emails
  • Around 67% of people who subscribe to newsletters like to receive branded emails at least once a week
  • Personalization is king. About 88% of people said they favor emails they look written just for them
  • Creating different segments could improve CTR by 50%
  • You could see a 37% increase in email ROI by doing A/B testing

4 Things to Keep in Mind for Email Marketing in 2023

Email Open Rates May Go Down

Not too long ago, Apple released iOS 15 and many iPhone users upgraded their phones to the new software, which included enhanced security features. One of those features included increased protection when it comes to users email accounts. Due to this, marketers may lose data when it comes to open rates on mobile devices.

Try Including User-Generated Content

Who doesn’t like good, free email copy? And even more so, what customer doesn’t like seeing a product or service be talked about or used by someone other than the company? From inserting testimonials to photos from customers, or anything else, one strategy that will be big in 2023 is user-generated content in emails.

Keep AI and Automation in Mind

Email, compared to other digital marketing tactics, is the most automated, and that will not change in 2023. Most marketers already rely on tools to schedule emails, add people to email lists, and more, but that’s not all AI and automation can do. There are tools out there that can help test subject lines, segment our audience, swap header photos, and more. Expect more and more companies to invest in these services in 2023.

Improve Your Accessibility

Something to keep in mind when you are assessing your email marketing efforts for the new year is how easily your content can be read. Similarly to how many devices now include “dark mode,” try looking into how big your text is, the font and colors you use, and your layout to see if any improvements can be made.

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