What to Know About Google’s November Broad Core Update

Google Unleashed a New Update Right in Time for the Holiday Season

Many marketers thought they had caught a break from broad core updates; however, on November 17 Google announced that yet another had been released:

Broad core updates are algorithm updates Google makes to their search engine, typically twice a year, that can alter search results, which in turn changes keyword rankings for site owners.

What to Know

  • The update took around two weeks to complete, as it finished on November 30
  • The last time we had a broad core update was over the summer and it was rolled out in both June and July
  • As always, Google advises you to not be worried as long as you are putting out quality content and abiding by their guidelines
  • According to Lily Ray of Amsive Digital, sites under the category of reference materials had the biggest ranking gains from the update, but law and government had the biggest losses
  • Ray’s research also showed Pinterest’s website saw the biggest dive in keyword positions

A Look Back at All the Updates We Have Had This Year

While we do not know what may happen in December, here is a refresh on all the updates we have battled this year:

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