How to Clean Up Your Ad Accounts: 7 Ways

clean up ads accountsUpdated July 5, 2023

Spring may be long gone but there is never a bad time to give your ads campaigns a deep cleaning to ensure that your ads – wherever they may be – are in tip-top shape.

Update & Elevate Your Campaigns With These Tips

Check Your Display URLs

Did you know that your display URL can have an impact on your ads performance? Things such as subdomains and URL paths can be indicators to users where the ad leads them, thus helping them deem if clicking on the ad will take them to a page they want to go to.

Double Proofread

Go through all your active ads for spelling. And then go through them, again.

Spelling, punctuation, and other grammatical errors can be easy to miss but if a potential customer sees them on your ad, it can be off-putting.

Software such as Grammarly (which is free!) can be super useful to help you notice things you may not have seen before.

Be Clear and Concise

Messaging is everything when it comes to paid digital advertising. And when it comes to PPC, there should be a happy medium between using strong wording but avoiding being too salesy.

This great article from Buffer about words and phrases that convert the most could help your refresh your copy to help get more leads.

Test Your Links

In the ads interface, be sure you check the URL you are sending people to for yourself to ensure that:

  • It goes to the correct page
  • The page is not a 404
  • UTM parameters are working
  • The page displays correctly on all devices

Swap Out Photos

If you are running display campaigns of any sort, it might be a good idea to upload new graphics or photos as if they are running to the same audience consistently – they are most likely not going to click on a photo they’ve seen a handful of times before.

Add More Assets

Did you know there are various types of assets, formerly ad extensions, you can add to your campaigns that will really make them stand out? Here are all the different options Google Ads offers that we recommend depending on your business and campaign goals:

  • Images
  • Logos
  • Sitelinks
  • Locations
  • Calls

Divvy Up Ad Groups

Not only can having more specific ad groups help improve quality scores, but it can help get your account to a more proficient and organized level.

Instead of having all your keywords under one ad group, see if you are targeting enough similar terms to split them up into unique ad groups. According to Search Engine Journal, the sweet spot of keywords per ad group is 15-20!

  • Shoes -> Ad Group: Sneakers | Ad Group: Sandals | Ad Group: Boots

Consider Pausing Terms

Whether a keyword has low search volume, impressions, or conversions, take some time to evaluate their performance over the past year to see where improvements can be made.

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