5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing

image of a person holding an iphone with the pinterest app open in front of a laptopWhen it comes to social media marketing, Pinterest is often overlooked for a variety of reasons. However, it is actually the 14th most used social media network in the world, even ranking above Twitter and Reddit!

And for that reason, as well as how easy they make it usable for business owners, you should consider stepping up your Pinterest marketing game.

Here are 5 ways you can utilize Pinterest for your digital marketing.

How to Make the Most of Your Pinterest Business Account

1. Create Unique Boards

For example, say you own a clothing boutique. You can create not only boards for things like new arrivals, shirts, dresses, shoes, etc. but also create your own unique collections such as “summer vacation” or “wedding guest” – things that people might be searching for specifically for inspiration on Pinterest!

2. Use SEO for Titles and Descriptions

One of the basic tactics of SEO is to incorporate keywords into your page copy, headers, and metadata. And it is something that can be applied to your pins and boards on Pinterest as well.

For example, if you are uploading infographics, videos, or any other type of unique media that people might be searching for specifically, be sure to include that keyword into the title and description:

example of pinterest uploading

3. Claim External Accounts

In your business account, if you go to settings -> claim you will be able to connect your account to your website and social media profiles.

By doing this, you will then get proper credit for all your content that gets added on Pinterest from users by enabling your business name and profile picture to show up next to any pins that come from your site or external accounts.

4. Connect Your Blog Feed

A great way to help automate your marketing on Pinterest is to connect your blog’s RSS feed. This way, every time you publish a new blog post on your website, it will automatically post on your Pinterest account as well!

This is a great way to help get more exposure on your content with no effort.

5. Create Ads and Boost Pins

Similarly to how you can promote posts and create ads on Facebook that show up in user feeds, you can do the same thing on Pinterest.

Their platform allows very similar targeting options as well, from demographics like age, location, and gender, but also interests and keywords so you can get the most out of your spend!

If you want to see how successful it has been for other brands before diving in, you can check out their case studies.

Why Pinterest?

Although it may not be as popular as Facebook and Instagram, it is still a widely used platform for a variety of business niches.

Here are some more statistics from Hootsuite that you may find useful:

  • As of 2021, Pinterest has 459 million monthly active users
  • The gender ratio has moved to 60% women as more men are joining
  • Users watch around 1 billion videos a day on Pinterest

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