Google Releases 2 More Updates in June

graphic showing various icons related to web marketing, time, and more featuring the Google logoWhile the June portion of the broad core update finished rolling out just two weeks ago, and the second part of the update is just around the corner in July, Google has stayed busy and has recently released 2 additional updates – the page experience update and a spam update.

Here is what we know:

Page Experience Update

This is an update that had been slated to roll out in mid-June, and on June 15 Google made the official announcement that the update had been launched and will continue to apply to websites across the web until an unset date in August. Google also stated that their ranking systems won’t incorporate the update as a ranking factor until the update has fully rolled out.

If you remember, this update was originally scheduled to be released in May, but then was later pushed back by Google to give website owners more time to make strategic updates to their site’s pages.

And while many SEOs do not expect this update to impact rankings severely, Google Search Console did recently add a new section to their platform called the page experience report that gives you a high-level evaluation of your site’s pages in relation to page experience.

Spam Update

In what will also be a two-part update much like the summer broad core updates, Google announced on June 23 that they launched the first part of a new type of update that would address spam on web pages and images. They followed up this announcement with a statement saying a second update would be released the week of June 30 as well. And on June 28, they kept their word and launched the second phase.

So far, not much has been released on the impact of this update in terms of keyword rankings and the like, but we will likely know more after the completion of the next phase.

If you would like to learn more on how Google approached spam in web results, you can read their 2020 spam report blog post.

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