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Did you know that there is a way you can see how much traffic pages you are linked from receive? If link building is a big part of your strategy, this is probably something you are curious about!

This trick can help you not only get an idea of where your current links stand, but also give you the power to strategically find more ways to acquire links that can lead to your site gaining more traffic, too.

Welcome the Help of Ahrefs

Ahrefs (which allows you to do a free trial) has great tools that let you examine your current backlinks more than any other tools out there. It even gives you the benefit of some great analytics data!

The platform has two different tools you can use to find out how much monthly organic traffic your backlinks (and unlinked mentions) receive.

Site Explorer’s Backlinks

The most popular tool from Ahrefs is their Site Explorer, which is where you can find new and lost backlinks, and much more. Here, you can see all of your backlinks and filter them by follow/nofollow, top-level domain (.com, .gov, .edu, etc.), and various other metrics.

After you have identified all of the link attributes you want to examine, you can toggle the traffic column to a descending view, thus showing you which of your backlinks gets the most traffic.

screenshot from Ahrefs showing different backlinks

Content Explorer

With the Content Explorer, you can search for specific phrases, such as your business name, your name, or your product’s name to see instances of it being mentioned on the web. This is a great tool for helping track down unlinked mentions. You can then sort the results by page traffic, as seen below:

screenshot from Ahrefs showing different backlinks

From there, you can manually check these links to make sure that you are linked and getting proper attribution!

See for Yourself in Analytics

If you really want to see just how successful some of your backlinks have been in producing more traffic for your site, you can always use Google Analytics and check out Acquisition -> All Traffic -> Referrals.

Here, you can see what other websites people have come to your site from. And if you have goal tracking in place, you can even see if they converted!

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