Broad Core Update Released – With a Sequel Coming in July

June broad core updateOn June 2, Google announced via Twitter the release of a new core update and noted that there will be another core update to follow in July.

They have stated the reason for a two-part release is that they could not fit everything they wanted to update into the June release, as they could not get everything ready in time.

While it is rare for Google to announce core updates before they launch, it is even rarer for them to have two major updates back to back.

Here is what we know so far, and some insights from other SEOs:

Key Details About the June Core Update

  • While it was released on a Wednesday, many marketers did not report any major fluctuations in keywords until Saturday
  • Broad core updates usually take about 2 weeks to fully process and be applied to search engine results
  • Google said that some sites might see changes in June that would reverse in July upon the rollout of the 2nd update
  • We will also be notified of when the 2nd part of the update is released
  • This update is NOT related to the Page Experience update that is still scheduled for mid-June, according to Danny Sullivan, Google’s search liaison
  • Sullivan also confirmed this update is not related to the mobile-first indexing that has been rolling out for some time
  • There have not been any hints or chatter of what will come with the July update

What to Do If Your Site Has Been Impacted

While you evaluate your analytics and rankings as the update rolls out, keep in mind these 3 things you can do if you notice a shift in results.

  1. Be patient– Unlike most other broad core updates that are singular, since this one is in two parts the best advice would be to wait until both parts are complete to avoid making any conflicting changes to your site.
  2. Continue as normal – If you regularly update your website with quality content, acquire strong backlinks, and make other adjustments, there is no need to hold off, and you can continue as normal.
  3. Read up – If you want to gain more specific insights around this summer’s updates, you can research articles that provide the data you are looking for. Google’s blog post around this specific update may also provide some answers.

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