Image Extensions on Google Ads Continue to Roll Out in Beta

We’ve Noticed More Accounts with Access to this New Feature

extensions exampleWhile image extensions are no new news to a lot of Google Ads professionals as they were discovered back in 2019 and got more popular in 2020, it seems that more accounts have recently gotten access to this beta features.

What You Need to Know

According to Google’s help page on the subject, here are some helpful things you should know about image extensions as they become available to more users:

  • You can upload up to 20 images for relevant keywords and can add them at the ad group or campaign level
  • Images will have to abide by size specifications as shown:
    photos ratios
  • If you choose to use dynamic image extensions, they will go through a “robust approval process” as well
  • Photos can take 5 days to be approved
  • Google recommends in the photo that the content is in the “center 80% of the image”

Check if Image Extension Beta is Available to You

If you navigate to Ads & extensions -> Extensions – > and click the blue plus button to add new, you will see it as an option like so:

image extensions

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